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modified standalone Client

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» modified Standalone Client - Version 2.53.1 «
client version: | last update: 01/19/2011

Official Webpage (http://www.ace-client.net): http://www.ace-client.net

Latest News

  • "Wind of Change" for the ACE Client project (show news (http://www.ace-client.net/board/index.php?page=Thread&postID=3896#post3896))
  • the ACE Team is hiring! (show news (http://www.ace-client.net/board/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=8))
  • stay up2date about the client and upcoming features (show news (http://www.ace-client.net/board/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=61))
  • ACE Client 3.0 - Trailer 1 (show news (http://www.ace-client.net/board/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=259))

The modified League of Legends client - known as "ACE Client" - is a strong modified version of the official US client.
He includes many changes, optimizations and several tools to ease the configuration of the client or improve your gameplay experience.

For instance the elementary "ACE Content Manager" which is the "master tool" of the client.
It administer all addons, modifications and control the client settings.
You can also use it to configure the client for your personal preferences.

The ACE Client is fully legal and becomes constantly updated .
The updates are installed by the independent tool "ACE Patcher", which updating all client files step by step - as the Riot patcher - and also across multiple versions.

short summary
  • small client (~900mb)
  • high performance (even at high details)
  • merging US + EU client (you're able to play on US & EU)
  • many modifications / tools to use
  • lots of bugfixes and optimizations
  • live support (via Teamspeak and/or Teamviewer)
  • often updates

currently available addons / features
  • configuration of the language and server settings (ACE Content Manager)
  • editor for the in-game interface (skinLoL)
  • editor for the recommended items (Yaric)
  • creation and re-apply of mastery templates (Mastery Manager)
  • adjustment of the in-game HP bars for colorblind people (ACE colorblind mod)
  • broadcasting of "miss bot", "miss mid" etc. via hotkey (Hotkey Manager)
  • automatic performance optimizations while playing (ACE KeepAlive Guard)

Further information, the client and updates you can find on the official webpage of the ACE client.
ACE webpage: http://www.ace-client.net

This version is a highly modified version of the original US client.
This kind of modification is not intended by Riot, and won't give you any kind of support with this client.
If you've an error, I'll help you, if I can.
The download and use you're doing on your own risk and neither Riot nor me can be blamed for any kind of unwanted effects.
With the download of this client, you're agreeing to the terms.

» right hand of Riot Games
» german Wrenchman and EU Lead Wrenchmen for League of Legends

german Trollslayer and technical assistant for german and english Warhammer Online boards

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This was the download section of the client.

Here the most important links

  • latest ACE Client download (http://www.ace-client.net/board/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=5)
  • overview & download of updates (http://www.ace-client.net/board/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=6)
  • client soundfiles for DE/ES/FR (http://www.ace-client.net/board/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=7)

For further information take a look into the ACE board (http://www.ace-client.net) at http://www.ace-client.net

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Currently in development

Preview: Content Manager 2.0

Based on the experienced with the last two major updates of the client, which were pretty devastating for some users because my sloppy coding, I decided to renew the Content Manager.
It will be the only tool that is part of the client.
To compensate the other tools the CM will get a major update.

Overview CM 2.0
- new CM-Interface with a "LoL-Design"
- able to do multiple, different actions without restarting the CM altimes
- manage all mods/addons
- manage and change the client configuration
==> server and language
==> display settings (resolution, quality level, ...)
==> sound settings (language, volume,...)
==> supporting profiles with import/export

- verifiy client state
==> repairing shortcuts and/or registry settings
==> restore important LoL files
==> reset LoL client and scripts

- generate reports
- uninstall the client

The following tools will be discontinued:
- ACE Patcher
- ACE Diagnostic
- ACE Downloader
- Feedback Tool

As the new client installer and the discontinued patcher the new CM will create a detailed logfile each time you're using it.
In addition he will have many functions "behind the scene" that you can't use but will be activated itself. For example if the registry data doesn't match with the current client data; he will provide hints what's wrong and how to fix it.

estimated release: 3.00.0

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Q&A - Questions and Answers

How to - install Update with updated Client version (2.34/2.35/2.36..)
This update will include the default LoL patcher as "updating program".
When the LoL patcher opens, wait until the update (for game client is finished and click on Play (the button will glow).
Then, the Update 2.34 will continue as the previous updates.

How to change the language or switch between EU and US server

Run the built-in Content Manager.
Start => All Programs => League of Legends => ACE => Content Manager => configure Client

No simply choose the server and the desired language and click on Next.
Seconds later you're good to go!

How to enable the 3 built-in ingame Interfaces

Go to \game\DATA\Menu\HUD of your LoL dir.
Here you should have 3 files, named like "UI1.ini" UI2.ini" and "UI3.ini".
Along with them, you've 3 screenshots.

If you want to use one of those predefined interfaces, copy (and replace) the whole content of the desired UI.ini file into the "HudResolutionDefaults.ini", which is stored in the same folder.

If you want the default UI again, copy the content of the "UI_default.ini" file into the "HudResolutionDefaults.ini".

What the installer will do after run it?
It's simple.
The downloaded archive have to been extracted, eg. with WinRar or 7-zip.
The .exe and the folder have to be in the same directory. When you've extract it, start the installation by running the installer.exe

After this, the following steps will the installer run through:
1. gather system information (OS, Service Pack, permissions, LoL clients)
2. selection of installation dir
3. verification of the selection
4. preparation for installation
5. auto install in the selected directory
6. clean the system up of temporary install files
7. create registry keys
8. create desktop shortcut
9. create program folder in the start menu with shortcuts
10. configure the client, to fit with local system
11. overall check if the installation is ok
12. ask the user if change language
13. open logfile

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Latest Updates

This patchnotes overview will no longer be updated.
For the latest notes or the previous, see the patchnotes entry (http://code.google.com/p/ace-lolclient-and-tools/wiki/Patchnotes) on the project site

Update 2.40.5
released: 22. July

- updated the EU-Air to 1.14.36
- updated the US-Air to 1.14.36

- fixed a bug in the Content Manager that some registry values won't get restored properly, if reparing the client
- fixed a version mismatch error at Content Manager startup and the "reset client" function

Patch 2.40.4
released: July 14, 2010

This update contains 2.40.2 and 2.40.3.

* added a hint on how-to fix the error if he can not determine the client
* fixed a version-mismatch issue, while check the current client version

* fixed empty buttons of the launcher, if language is set to DE/FR/ES

This update will reset your server to EU and your launcher language to EN.

Patch 2.40.3
: July 14, 2010

This patch includes 2.40.2.

LoL Client
* update the launcher for EU and US
* update the launcher startup screen, after login

* fixed non-displayed labels in the summoner profile
* fixed "version 1.14.30 rejected" while login

This update will reset the server and the language of the launcher to EU and english.

Patch 2.40.2
released: July 14, 2010

* fixed the "version rejected" bug, when changing the language
* fixed several display errors in the launcher
* removed not necessary popup boxes in the Content Manager
* updated Content Manager's version, to fit with LoL server

New Client: 2.40.0 - Season 1

* updated the registry entries
* updated the general information in the software menu for this client
* removed tool: Uninstaller
* removed tool: Language Changer
* removed the traybar icons of the tools
* revamped tool: Client Installer
* new tool: Content Manager
* new feature: LeagueTools (change recommended items)
* added a few files, in preparation for 2.41 - new lightning and shader effects
* added a new folder structure in 2.40 for the features/tools/...

o \ace is the root directory for features
o \ace\content contains necessary files for several tools
o \ace\backup contains file backups
o \ace\"toolname" is the path for external tools now
* the languages EN, DE, FR and ES are no longer restricted to EU servers

revamped tool: Client Installer
* completly recoded
* much more responsive to different scenarios
* the installer now test the selected installation directory for an existing client
* applied the new tool-GUI to the installer
* added several user-interactions overall the installation
* added a content menue, to select what you want to install
* added an obligatory field "default server" for the Content Manager
* added a client verifier function, which will check the client after installation
* added a backup function, that save important files after installation

new tool: Content Manager
* applied the new tool-GUI to the Content Manager
* replacing several tools/functions
o Language Changer
o Uninstaller
* additional features:
o client-reset
o client-repair
o add/remove features
* client-reset
o reset the server (to the selected default server)
o reset the language to EN
o reset the newsfeed to EU-EN
o reset the HeroPak file
o reset Play-button script
o reset several config files
* client-repair
o renew/update the registry values
o renew all shortcuts
* add/remove features
o interface editor (skinLoL)
o custom loading screens
o recommend-item changer (LeagueTools)
* configure client
o select server
o select language
o more will be added soon

* fixed the issue, that the language wasn't changed properly within the launcher
* fixed the issue, that chat server wasn't set correctly


[code]Update 2.38

new Client Version:
new PvP.net Version: 1.13.29

new things and changes
» updated the pictures of the loading screen with new arts (picture (http://www.imagebanana.com/img/qwl8sa0o/ubersicht.jpg))
==> this only affect the classic skins and champions

» fixed a bug in the language changer, that the chat server wasn't set correctly
» fixed a bug in the updater, that the user-set server wasn't restored after patching the client

Update 2.37
required version: 2.30 or higher

new things and changes
» stopped the splitting between full & incremential update
=> the update always be the "full" update
=> removed the LoL client deploy files
=> the deploy files will be downloader via LoL patcher
» there always will be the latest standalone client (fullpatched) available for download (if you have trouble with patching)
» patched in a new GUI Editor
» some tools got a remake (Updater, Installer)
» new tool: Feedback Tool

Remake of the tools
All tools will get a complete remake.
This includes the graphical interface aswel as the functions. They'll be completly re-coded from zero.
The tools that are already done:
» Installer
» Updater
» Feedback Tool (new)

To goal is, to provide the same interface for all tools, so the user doesn't need to become accustomed to different interfaces.
They'll all work with the same principle.

See pictures of the new interface: Feedback Tool (http://eu.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=1375&stc=1&d=1277302936), Updater (http://eu.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=1377&stc=1&d=1277302936)
Just for example.

» added a new GUI with more space
» changed the order of update steps
» added a backup generator
=> he'll create a backup of the current set user data for the client & launcher
=> he'll restore the settings after finishing the patch procedure
» he'll be now more responsive to possible occured errors

Feedback Tool (new)
With that new tool you can send your suggestion, ideas or wishes directly to me.
I'll read them and the ideas will become a part of the client (if they're possible).

Also, you can send support requests with it. Just add a contact address, so I can "call" you.
This tool is not bound the this client. It can be shared a standard application.

GUI Editor
The creator of the tools now supports my client.
If you want to know, how to use it: see here (coming soon)

» fixed a bug in the launcher, that the Play button wasn't active
» fixed a bug for the language changer, that the language wasn't changed correctly (*)
» fixed a settings-glitch, that could crash the game client immediatly, after champion selection

Hint: My tests have shown, that you've to add the "aces_feedback.exe" (Feedback Tool) to your firewall exception. The transfer otherwise may get blocked.

Update 2.36 »« 15.06.2010

» new Updater
=> he is now more compatibly for users with a proxy or on campus networks
» splitted the update into a "full" and "incremential" update
=> full: Update from 2.30 to 2.36
=> incremential: Update from 2.35 to 2.36
=> this is better for users with an already updated client - Update 2.30 to 2.36 has a size of ~50mb

Client Updater
» changed the work order
» included the full patchfiles to the updater!

» fixed a glitch in the Language Changer, that other languages as US-EN could be set, when selecting US as server
» fixed a visual bug, that sometimes no game-type options was displays in the launcher
» fixed a login error, after updating to v2.35
» fixed a newsfeed bug in the Patcher, that the US news were displayed, when play on EU with EN lang

Update 2.35 »« 09.06.2010
required version: 2.30 or higher


» updating the EU-Game Client to
» updating the EU-PvP.net Client to 1.12.23
» updated the Language Changer to match with new versions

You'll have to set your server and language again, it has been resettet.

Update 2.34 »« 08.06.2010
required version: 2.30 or higher

» updating the US-Game Client to
» updating the US-PvP.net Client to 1.12.23
» updated the Language Changer to match with new version

» fixed several wrong values in the config files of the PvP.net Client, that could stop the friendlist working

Update 2.33 »« 03.06.2010
required version: 2.30 or higher

» fixed several issues in the LoL launcher, relating to false chat server settings, when change the language
» fixed two bugs in the Language Changer, that set false data to the launcher config files
» fixed an issue, that the US news were display, when choosing EU svr and EN as language, after changing the language with the Language Changer
» fixed a false setting in the patcher & launcher, that have caused low performance in the launcher
» fixed a registry bug with some values of the client

This fix will also reset all language settings for the patcher and launcher.

ACE Client Update for League of Legends
ACE Version: 2.30
Game Client Version:
PvP.net Client Version: 1.12.17
Release Date: 02.06.2010

This is a complete new client version.
The client and tools have got some major changes.
In addition I've implemented much wishes, so you can configure the client as you want!
Have fun with it and give feedback, suggestions and wishes!
Also thanks for your already given feedback.


new things and general changes
- removed the ace_version file within the client
- changed the registry entries of the client
=> the information are now stored in the registry
=> now much more information will be stored in the registry
- the client now appears in the Windows software menu
- added a new icon to the client, so there is a difference (between original and modified)
=> the icon is the same, as Riot is using for their stand alone client
- new tool: GUI Editor
- upgraded tool: Language Changer

- added a version check at start
- added a progress bar to show the overall progress
- added much more exception handler
- changed the program dir in the start menu
=> changed to: Start > All Programms > League of Legends > ACE
- updated the shortcuts all over
- the GUI Editor can be installed seperate - it's no "must have"
- updated logs entries all over
- updated log creation itself
- fixed several typos in dialog boxes

- the uninstaller is now much more sensitive while uninstalling
=> check for open processes and files
=> close if neccessary
- added much more exception handler
- updated the functions, so he'll delete the new regvalues and shortcuts

Language Changer
- fixed some typos
- extended the GUI to display new functions
- changed the display font
- the user now can decide on which server he want to connect (EU / US)
- the newsfeed in launcher & patcher now will change in commen with the selected language

Interface Editor (NEW)
With this powerful tool you can easily create your own interface in a couple of minutes!
Hint: This tool is not programmed by myself (see below).
- providing a GUI
- move interface windows per drag&drop
- scale them as you want
- added a shortcut to the start menu

Greetings and thanks to Phryneas, for his great tool and agreement, that I can implement it to my client!
Toolwebsite: http://wp.phryneas.de/?page_id=2 (german)

- fixed a bug in the Play button of the patcher
- fixed a bug in the Language Changer, that the language won't get changed properly
- fixed a bug in the Uninstaller, that the LoL directory could not be deleted in some cases
- fixed a bug in the Uninstaller, that he can't delete the registry values
- the Uninstaller will now also delete the desktop and start menu shortcuts correctly
- fixed a bug in the Installer, that the resolution won't update itself, after installation
- fixed a bug, that the Installer proceed, even if you have abort the installation process
- fixed a bug in the JavaScript-Script for the newsfeed in the patcher
- fixed a bug, that the LoL launcher was unable to start in some cases, based on an error of the installation process
- fixed several display errors in the launcher
- fixed a shop issue, that prevent the player to enter

» Clientupdate: 2.23 »« 25.05.2010 «
benötigte Version: 2.22

Dieses Update konfiguriert den Client um, um mit den neuen Riot Servern verbinden zu können.

» Clientupdate: 2.22 »« 15.05.2010 «
benötigte Version: 2.2

Dies ist ein kumulatives Update zu 2.21 (d.h. es beinhaltet Patch 2.21).

» Fehler beim Login "The client version 1.11.17 is rejected ..." wurde behoben
» 'Play' button Funktionalität überarbeitet

» dem Updater wurde ein Ladebalken hinzugefügt um den Gesamtstatus anzuzeigen

» Clientupdate: 2.21 »« 13.05.2010 «
benötigt Version: 2.2

» Fehler im 'Language Changer' behoben, der bewirkte, dass er sich sofort von selbst schließt
» Fehler im Patcher behoben, dass der 'Play' button in einigen Fällen nicht verwendbar war
» Fehler im "Server Status" des Patchers behoben, er zeigt nun den Status der EU Server an
» Fehler in der Nachrichtenanzeige des Patchers behoben, er zeigt nun EU-Nachrichten
» ein Fehler wurde behoben, der in einigen Fällen verhinderte, dass sich der Launcher nach Klick auf den 'Play' button öffnete

» Client Update: 2.2 »« 12.05.2010 «

aktuelle Spielclient Version:
neue Spielclient Version:

Dieser Patch wird euren Client aktualisieren (~70mb) und den aktuellen Patch installieren.
Weiterhin, wie immer, Änderungen:

generelle Änderungen
» aktualisiertes Tool: Language Changer (siehe unten)
» der "Play" Button im Patcher ist nun permanent aktiviert (auch wenn er ausgegraut ist, einfach draufklicken!)

Language Changer
» komplett neu programmiert
» hat nun eine grafische Benutzeroberfläche
» ändert nun sowohl Launcher- als auch Spielsprache (EN/DE/FR/ES)
Hinweis: Die Sprachdateien waren bereits in 2.1 enthalten, hatten aber noch Fehler.
Weiterhin gilt, dass einige Sprachdateien noch nicht vollständig sind, wenn man eine andere Sprache als Englisch verwendet. Dies betrifft besonderst geänderte Fähigkeiten oder Items des letzten Patches.

» mehrere Fehler im 'Uninstaller' behoben (z.B. das er das LoL Verzeichnis nicht korrekt löscht)
» ein Fehler mit dem Registrierungspfad des Clients wurde behoben
» ein Schreibfehler in der game.cfg wurde behoben, der dazu führte das 1 Einstellung anders als gewünscht war
» mehrere Fehler in den Sprachdateien behoben
» Fehler des nicht funktionierenden 'Play' buttons während US patch behoben

Weitere Informationen (z.B. Ablauf des Updates), siehe Eröffnungspost unter "Client Updates".

» neue Version: 2.1 «» 09.05.2010 «

» generelle Änderungen
»» neues Tool: language changer (siehe weiter unten)
»» neues Tool: Uninstaller (siehe weiter unten)
»» Statistik ist nun immer verfügbar (siehe weiter unten)
»» Freundesliste sollte nun in den meisten Fällen funktionieren
»» Client Einstellungen verändert um besser auf verschiedenen Systeme zu laufen

» Installer
»» Logeinträge wurden aktualisiert und detaillierter gemacht
»» es wird nun auch eine Programmgruppe im Startmenü erstellt (Start => Programme => League of Legends => modified US Client)
»» darin enthaltene Verknüpfungen: Spiel Client, Uninstaller und language changer
»» Restriktion das bei der Installation nur C:\ ausgewählt werden kann, aufgehoben

» Uninstaller (neu)
Dieses Tool ermöglicht es, denn Client ordnungsgemäß zu deinstallieren und alle damit verbundene Dateien und Registry Einträge zu löschen.

» language changer (neu)
Dieses Tool ermöglicht es dem Nutzer die Sprache des Startprogrammes (Launcher) zu ändern. Zu beachten ist, dass nur die Sprache des Launchers verändert wird, die Spiel-Sprache bleibt weiterhin Englisch.
Dies ist dafür gedacht, dass wenn man sich einen Champion kaufen will, man sich ggf. vorher in Ruhe die Fähigkeiten etc. in seiner Sprache durchlesen kann.
Das Tool kann direkt nach der Installation aufgerufen werden (eine Meldung erscheint ob man möchte) oder manuell über das Startmenü (Start => Programme => League of Legends => modified US Client => language changer).

» Fehlerbehebungen
»» Fehler im GUI des Launchers behoben, das nicht alle Schaltflächen korrekt angezeigt wurden
»» Fehler "unable to load language module..." behoben
»» Fehler das der Shop nicht funktionierte behoben
»» Fehler im Client behoben der verhinderte mit einem Spiel verbinden zu können
»» Fehler im Patcher behoben, der verhinderte das der "Play"-button gedrückt werden konnte

» Weiterhin
Komplette Überarbeitung des Eröffnungsposts.
Er ist nun informativer und grafisch weit ansprechender als zuvor.

Patch - 06.05.2010 -

»» der Fehler, dass der Shop nicht benutzbar war, wurde behoben

Patch - 05.05.2010 -

allgemeine Änderungen
»» dem Installer ist bei der Ordnerauswahl ein Eingabefeld hinzugefügt worden um die manuelle Eingabe es Pfades zu gestatten

»» die Restriktion der Wahl des Installationsverzeichnis wurde aufgehoben, es können nun alle Laufwerke ausgewählt werden
»» es wurde ein Fehler bei Überprüfung des Installationsverzeichnisses behoben
»» es wurde der Fehler "unable to load language module launcher..." behoben

neue Version - 30.04.2010 -

generelle Änderungen
- das Programm hat ein neues Programmicon bekommen
- Umstellung von EU Client auf US Client (siehe weiter unten)
- neue Clientversion: (Patch vom 30.04)
- der 'Installer' wurde komplett überarbeitet und von 0 an neu programmiert, er sollte nun weit weniger Fehler produzieren und, sofern einer auftritt, das Problem selbstständig bzw. mit Nutzerinteraktion lösen können
- der 'Extraktor' wurde aufgrund des Feedbacks komplett entfernt
- der 'Configurator' wurde komplett entfernt
=> er wird bald als eigenständiges Tool, mit vielen neues Funktionen erscheinen und wird EU/US kompatibel sein, sowie "meine" Clients erkennen
- die heruntergeladene Datei ist nun ein Archiv und enthält den Installer sowie die bereits entpackte Installationsdatei
- die Log Erstellung wurde komplett überarbeitet
- die Logmeldungen wurden aktualisiert und enthalten mehr Details
- der Client ist Dank größerer Modifikationen nun recht schlank (800mb; zum Vergleich: US: 1,5GB - EU: 1,2GB)

Client Umstellung
Der enthaltene Client ist nun der originale US Client. Ich habe ihn so modifiziert das er in jeder benötigten Hinsicht mit EU Servern funktioniert.
- verbindet sich mit EU Servern
- uncut (Blut, alle Effekte, alle Sounds)
- Statistik Fehler wird in einigen Fällen behoben

Installer 2.0
- wurde komplett neu programmiert
- mehrere Sicherheitsroutinen vorhanden die Fehler mit ausgewählten Verzeichnissen verhindern bzw. beheben oder vorzubeugen
- unterstützt nun mehr Nutzer-Interaktion
- der Installer akzeptiert nun auch Verzeichnisse die Sondernzeichen enthalten oder einen besonderst langen Pfad haben
- sollte ein Pfad gewählt werden der nicht definiert ist, wird dieser Pfad zunächst auf Schreibrechte geprüft
=> bei Versagen: Auswahl eines anderen Verzeichnisses
=> bei Erfolg: Wahl akzeptiert und Fortführung des Programmes

- neue Version - 19.04.2010 -
generelle Änderungen
> die Installationsdateien werden nun auf anderem Weg in die Datei integriert (ist nun kompatibler)
> die Installation wird nun anderst gestartet, um sie System-unabhängiger zu machen
> Log Eintragungen aktualisiert
> Nachrichtenfenster implementiert die über mögliche Fehlschläge eines Programmabschnittes berichten

Extractor v1.11
> die Installationsdateien werden nun nicht mehr nach %temp% extrahiert, sondern in das Programmverzeichnis des installers nach %userprofile%\lolinstaller

> das Tool wird nun ordnungsgemäß abbrechen, sollte es einen Fehler mit Dateien geben
> es wird nun keine leere Verknüpfung mehr auf dem Desktop erstellt
> Fehler mit dem Ladebalken im Extraktor korregiert, er sollte nun nicht mehr vorzeitig verschwinden
> der Configurator erscheint nun nicht mehr, wenn der Client nicht ordnungsgemäß installiert werden konnte
> die fehlerhafte Darstellung des Configurators auf XP Systemen wurde korregiert

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Patch 2.23
required version: 2.22
Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/391516860/Update223.exe

reconfigures the client to connect with the new Riot servers

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Senior Member


First, I love your work.

2ndly, The Patch 2.23, does it change anything else than the lol.properties file?
I already changed that and I am able to play, but I was wondering if it will be required to install the patch anyway? as if it changes something else.

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Senior Member


... And I still have the same error message when trying to apply the 2.22 patch, so unless you create a client which bypasses / includes the 2.22, I think I'll have to stop being a fan of your work.

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Sensei Comguitoz

Senior Member


it says the client isnt 2.22 so it doesnt patch to 2.23 how to fix it? ( if i try to instal 2.22 it says its already that version )

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First, I love your work.

2ndly, The Patch 2.23, does it change anything else than the lol.properties file?
I already changed that and I am able to play, but I was wondering if it will be required to install the patch anyway? as if it changes something else.

Changes 2 files... the maestro-file for launcher and the javascripts for the patcher.

... And I still have the same error message when trying to apply the 2.22 patch, so unless you create a client which bypasses / includes the 2.22, I think I'll have to stop being a fan of your work.

What error msg?

it says the client isnt 2.22 so it doesnt patch to 2.23 how to fix it? ( if i try to instal 2.22 it says its already that version )

Go into your the LoL dir and open the "aces_version.dat" with windows notepad.
Change the first line to 2.22 and the third line to done.