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For or against hiding skins you don't own.

For 20 51.28%
Against 19 48.72%
Voters 39 .

Limited, rare or unobtainable skins...

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...and there unfiltered appearance on our skin selection screens.

Does anyone else find this really annoying? As an example I am an avid skin collector and enjoy the feeling of completion I get from owning things. Its why mmos have been the majority of my past game experiences, there is usually a lot to obtain that takes awhile to get. Skins happen to be the addictive part of this game for me.

Now before anyone confuses my problem, I DO NOT MIND UNIQUE TEMPORARILY AVAILABLE SKINS. If you want to give skins out at events that are unique IE pax skins go ahead. If you want to give skin availability at certain times of year, fine thats pretty cool and promotes commitment to the game to be around all year. I think its a good idea and creates a nice collectors pride feeling for those that get the skins (I have none so far so not bias).

What I have a problem with is seeing these skins every time I go to choose a skin. If people want to show off and make me jealous then that's all apart of life and I can except that. Hell I would probably do the same from time to time if I could its natural. But why does the skin select screen have to taunt me?

I love rammus and I hardly ever play him these days. Because it frustrates me that I will never be able to get the awesome king rammus skin, so much so that it puts me off playing him as I will never get the complete feeling I seek in games like this. If I want to main a character I want to be as good as I possibly can at that character, I want to have all his skins and be knowledgeable about all his builds and involvement in teams.

Its just like playing a game with a 99% completion status for eternity. You will never ever get that satisfaction of 100% completing a champion skin wise and it is constantly reminded to you every game. Now I understand I over react and its just a stupid skin and its not game changing, I also realise I could probably find a model edit for them on leaguecraft of some other site.

The thing I don't understand is WHY I have to see it in the first place.


-Let unique time limit skins be available etc.
-Let players carry on using them forever even if others can't get them.
-Don't remind me every single game I can't complete a characters skin set as guess what, you lose money when I don't even begin to build that skin set.

Inb4 whine.