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champs that use Attack speed quints/marks?

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Junior Member


i have AS quints and marks, and I am wondering if they are viable on any champions for ~1500 elo solo queue. I already have a jungling book with 18 arpen and the rest attack speed. I am looking for a use for the full set.

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any champion which is good with on hit effects aregot them in their ksill set for ecample:
irelia: with her true damage on hit
kog maw: W dealing % of health in damage a hit
kayle: to deliver weak justice faster eventhough it deals no damage
vayne: for faster stacking of silver bolts
kennen: if you are playing AD
xin zhao: his cooldowns decrease with 1 second when ever he attacks as long as W is activated
warwick: mainly for jungle for better healing
udyr: perhaps for jungling for more procs on turtle, so better healing.
(insert any champion with on hit effect build): also good.