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How to improve performance ?

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First off i love lol, a friend got me to play it a few backs back and i have not even turned on my 360 since , however....when i launch the game it eats up 70-80% CPU power and this causes me to lag to the point of freezing when a gank starts in game, next thing i know im dead , i dont have a high spec PC and i know that can cause instability, my specs are


3.4 GHTZ
1.5 gig RAM
Nivdia 8500 GTX Graphics card

+ i have all latest drivers and direct X updated, defragged, virus scanned, cleared out cache, spyware clean malaware etc etc.

And i have 100mb Fibre optics Broadband, but lately its got to the point where even loading the game takes like 5 minutes and when i type it takes a few seconds to even register any text, ive done some research and people have said it maybe to do with a patch or Adobe Air ?, but if anyone has any tips to help performance id be forever grateful, also ive reduced all graphics in game to low, please help i love this game its so much fun but its horrible not being able to play the game how it should be played....

Oh and new PC is not an option, lost my job before anyone suggests that

thx for reading and if you replyed thx again

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Copy Paste
Go into the NA forums
And ther are 10 riot members in there to help u with that problem.

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Senior Wrenchman


You can see this thread for some basic FPS troubleshooting tips, http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=52018

You may also want to try setting your CPU affinity or process priority in the Task Manager once you have the game open.