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Leave game

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so i play another ranked. after 10 mins into the game, i just freeze the game disconnects me, i try to reconnect for 10 mins, its doesnt work. after 15 mins i restart the client, it logs me in and i got a leave game.

so. i never leave a game, no matter how bad it looks. so your ****in server disconnects me, noting i can do about that. and i get punished with a leave game.

seriously ... f*** u riot .. na realy from the bottom of my heart screw u guys.
its not like u make the ppl wait 1 hour to log in and then u give them a ****ty game experience. yay. awsome.

would be nice if u could take the leave game away, but i guess u guys give a **** about the player oppinions.

that happens again, i lose for no reason a ranked game and get a leave, then that was my last lol game. cause like that its more a pain in the ass then fun.

well guess i get a ban to shout out my oppinion, but do i care?

peace out!

p.s.: yaya my english is bad