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League Judgement - Shaco

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Soulblighter VII

Senior Member


Self-written `fan-fiction` for Shaco`s Judgement in the League of Legends. Please read and give any feedback, I appreciate all types of critique as long as they are coherent!


Candidate: Shaco
Date: 15 October 19, CLE


Shaco`s face is frozen, almost mask like. His white skeletal hands rest on the hilts of two large daggers holstered on his belt. He idly shifts his weight from one foot to the other and this motion makes the bells attached to his hat jingle, their echoes chiming in the tomb-like silence of the great hall. In the darkness, his eyes radiate like frost-fire. Ruthless, cold, devoid of emotion or hesitation the eyes stare into the darkness watching a concealed silhouette.

Patiently, his frozen face grins.

``Let`s begin the freak show, shall we?`` he speaks in a jovial and excited tone ``You wouldn`t like me when I`m bored…``

As the doors begin to open Shaco throws his daggers and blocks the door handles together. The colossal hinges moan and then fall silent. A small vertical line of darkness separates the two doors.

Still staring the silhouette down, Shaco blows it a kiss and suddenly disappears in a puff of colorful smoke.


Shaco reappears in what seems to be a Hall of Mirrors. Carnival music is singing in a faded background and the smell of cheap candy and dung is soaked within the fabrics or the old rotten tent.

``Oh, this is so cliché!`` Shaco cries into the reflection that made him look like an upright snake and for a split moment his grin seems to turn into a frown before smashing the mirror with a swift kick ``Are you guys on a budget?`` he then addresses the reflection that squished him down to the size of a baby yordle, bending down his knees and headbutting the mirror into shards ``It`s just that I am not that type of entertainer.`` he continues to giggle to himself and swings a punch towards the mirror that reflected a slender female version of himself.

Just before touching the reflection it moves by itself and grabs him by the wrist but Shaco instantly vaults behind the woman and immobilizes her.

``Well… Hello, beautiful!`` he whispers in her ear.

``H-how did you?`` she grunts under his hold while he perversely smells her hair.

``You have daggers deary, I left mine at the door!`` he continued to whisper in his harlequin voice, his tongue slowly flicking her ear lobe while he disarmed her with one hand and holstered the weapons on his own belt ``What were they thinking sending a girlie after me?`` he laughed and then raised his head in a dramatic fashion and inquired ``Is this the best you can spare? I do feel offended.``

``Why d-did you accept the League`s invitation?`` she asked, trying to keep her composure.

``Isn`t it obvious?`` he exclaimed in shock, the echo bouncing off the mirrors ``I. want. to. have. FUN!`` Shaco cackled maniacally.

``Mmm, don`t we all?`` she said with another, more confident, voice, her hips slowly waving on his stomach ``But I shouldn`t trust a clown on the first date, I`m just not that type of doctor, you understand.`` she continued in a seductive tone ``So, darling, why do you actually want to join the League of Legends?``

``Why? ... Why not? I am already Legendary! So why not be another freak in this collection of freaks?``

``See, now we`re closer to it.`` she smiled and turned around under his grip to face him ``But you`re still lying to me…`` she said as her mouth hovered next to his, almost disappointed that even this action didn`t make any part of his body react ``Tell me! Or I won`t play with you!`` she pouted.

``I… You…`` he searched his words for a moment ``Imagine waking up one day at the bottom of a pile of bloody corpses. Imagine climbing through the heaps of rotten flesh and starting to laugh. Imagine that the more corpses you stomp on, you keep wanting to be the one that killed them all. Imagine getting on top of the mountain of death, taking in the fresh air of life and then wanting to kill everything and everyone you will ever meet. Imagine not knowing who you were, where you were from or how you got this way. You guessed it, boys and girls! I do not have to imagine! Even if your League of Freaks can`t help me find the answers, they`ll let me kill… And kill… And kill! Once you realize what a joke everything is, being like this is the only thing that makes sense.``

``Ah…`` she whispered in his ear, her tongue now slowly playing with his ear lobe ``How does it feel to be exposed?``

``Exposed? HAH HAH HAH HAA! I`m not exposed, you are!``

``What?`` she said and her eyes widened in fear.

``Sorry, doc! Our time`s up!`` he cackled and exploded into a dozen daggers.

Squirming to the ground, the girl could feel life slipping away through every stab in her body. From a nearby mirror the sound of jingles and slow paces echoed. A dark shadow leered over her, its face obstructed entirely.

``Such a pitty, doc. We could`ve been an item. Meh, maybe in the funny papers!`` he giggled and grabbing two of the daggers, he ripped them out of her body ``I really hope you were still able to feel that, darling... Because that`s how it felt to be exposed.``

As the woman closed her eyes forever, Shaco was gone.


- I searched the date when Shaco became part of the League: October 15th 2009. I have no idea what CLE means but I hope it`s LoL`s version of AD (anno domini not attack damage) and doesn`t change per year.

- ``Well… Hello, beautiful!`` is Joker`s quote from the Dark Knight. Heath Ledger played too awesome of a role to let it go to waste.

- ``[...] Once you realize what a joke everything is, being like this is the only thing that makes sense.`` is an adapted Comedian quote from the Watchmen.

- Shaco`s female opponent looks exactly like Harley Quinn from Batman. The fact that she mentions she is a doctor and he says `` […] Meh, maybe in the funny papers!`` are also part of this. I had a crush on Harley as a kid, I wished she`d be real.

- I removed an excrept from the final OBSERVATION text:

``Are you actually as mad as everybody says?`` the silhouette outside the room spoke out. It was the innocent sounding voice of a very young girl.
``Perhaps`` came Shaco`s answer.
``Why are you mad then?``
``Well, this world is a land full of wonder, mystery, and danger. Some say that to survive it you need to be as mad as a hatter… Luckily I killed a hatter a while back! HAH HAH HAA!`` he laughs and winks ``Now, let`s begin the freak show, shall we?`` he then speaks in a jovial and excited tone ``You wouldn`t like me when I`m bored…``

Even though Mad Hatter deserves a mention as much as the the other two, this was removed because it made the OBSERVATION too long of a text and I finally decided that the lines wouldn`t exactly fit Shaco. They do however fit Richard of Looking for Group so if Riot Games ever decides to recruit him in the League, I`ll have it covered! ;D

Thanks again for reading and I hope the readers will give this a positive review.


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Nice, I really like it.

I'd give it 8/10 if you ask me.

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foo sharp

Senior Member


In my opinion, Shaco comes across way too powerful here. Also, he felt more like the Joker than Shaco, possibly because of the many (for my taste, too many) references in that direction. Overall, it's still well written and entertaining to read.

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Soulblighter VII

Senior Member


/bump: ``Soulblighter VII shamelessly bumps his own thread and runs away laughing maniacally.``

VII (http://www.lolbase.net/eu/Soulblighter-VII)

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loved reading it!