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Shaco Counter

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I want to play with my friends sometimes but we are 3 sometimes 4 so we cnat play ranked only normal game... we play 5v5 only
My 4 allys can kill 4 enemy team players without death... shaco (thats is picked 99% of normal games) then kill all my allys... my job is simple... stop shaco from doing that

So im looking for counter shaco hero... hero designed to stop shaco from achieving multi kills every teamfight... i want to know what items runes and masteries should i pick to stop shaco...
I will sacrifice and die to bring shaco down with me...

I play ranked game when im alone and thats fun... but when friends team up and we miss few for ranked then we need shaco counter to giwe us chance to actually win without someone having shaco on our team

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Hey dude,

well alot of people have the same problem you are having " i'm not so i'll help you "
my role in a premade 5 v 5 is simple.. i'm the tank.
Basically what i always do is check what kind of damage types there are. Should there b a shaco you have to know what dmg types he has.

1) Deceive =( attack dmg ) Always crit but with the build i will show you in a bit, you will see that wont matter that much.

2) Jack in the box = ( magical dmg )

3) Two-Shiv Poison (Magic + attack dmg ) this attack puts most people off. it's scales with attack and magic.

4) Hallucinate = ( when active attack dmg - upon death magic dmg )

Alright , now that you know that type of damage he has, we have to build items. As a tank i play shen cause of the taunt, which is also great for shaco because it will break his stealth ( should you hit him).

This is my itembuild, in almost everygame.

1) Mecury boots - Due to the 35% reduction on stunn etc, Must have for every tank ( imo )

2) 4 Fire capes - Great hp boost , great armor , and 4x 40 dmg each second with a group taunt it's alot of extra dmg this is arround 75% dmg reduction physical ( on shen ).

3) Force of nature - great health regen + 76 magic resist.. which is awsome this is arround 65% magic resist ( on shen ).

My runes are simpel, They work for me.

RED - flat hp
YELLOW - HP per level
BLUE - CD reduction
QUINTESSENCE - Flat health.

i think my build + my runes + an oracle is prettymuch the best counter for shaco i've never had a shaco breaking me down with this.

I hope this works out for ya, get those shaco's down!


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big problem is at start before teamwork start... until everbody is lvl 10 and real teamwork begins shaco gets fed... shaco getting lizard at lvl 1 (jax in the box at lvl 1 and taking deicive at lvl 2) with ignite and exhaust (or smite) is kill combo that only flash + ghost can escape... if your lucky enough
i belive deicive shouldnt have damage component... flash + invisibility for 4 sec, instant cast spell with low cooldown is good enough... or that or disabling shaco from achieving lizard at lvl 1

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maybe sion is a good counter on ap
you use your shield to get no DMG of his crit from decieve and shiv-poison
then u stun him and he isnt able to kill ur mates, if your shield isnt exploded or destroyed yet u can explode it ,too to deal a lot damage
because of your E skill you have no bad AD too and u can activate ult to maybe heal your mates or only to kill shaco
i think he is the best shaco counter maybe you should try it

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until everbody is lvl 10 and real teamwork begins shaco gets fed...

How? How does he "gets fed"? You must be doing something wrong.

Are you pushing your lane too far? Common mistake is to hit and hit the minions so they die faster and you push your lane closer to your enemies tower. This means you are far from your own tower and someone can come from behind in the river and gank you. If you are pushing like this, always put a ward in the grass at the end of the river. Or better dont push like this. Only last hit minions for gold and let the enemies push. This means that you will take the fight to your tower and youll be much safer.

Do you have lots of squishies on your team? Its a common mistake to not bring some tank or two. Have a tank on each side lane. Preferably a tank with some CC (crowd control like taunt or stun). When Shaco shows up, just stun him and go back to your tower. He gets no kill. Or better yet, stun him and kill him. If you dont have a tank with CC on each side lane then at least some CC.

Another important aspect to winning is team coordination. If your enemy has a Shaco that jungles and/or runs around to gank then that is an enemy that is weaker in one side lane. They have placed one champ against your two. One option for you then is to have one of your champs leave that lane. Play one vs one in that lane giving your team one champ that is free to jungle and/or gank. This means that their Shaco isnt so free to go as he pleases since you now have a counter. He will have to go where you push and help defend.

Another part of coordination is wards. Place a few wards at key locations and your entire team will see more on the minimap. Do they have a jungling Shaco then ward dragon and the enemy buffs. When Shaco shows up there go kill him. At the least youll hurt him and steal the buff making Shaco less of a threat. Another important reason for wards is just to know where Shaco is. If you know he is standing in the grass in the rivers edge by the bottom lane then you are ready to handle it and counter attack. Lets say Shaco is bot to help their two champs there against your two champs. Your champs can back away in time to survive taking the 3vs2 fight closer to the tower. Right when you see those three enemy champs bot you know that the enemy in the top lane is veery alone. Your enemies are placed 1-1-3. Use this knowledge for a counter attack top.

Are you buying some sort of protection against him? AP Shaco means Banshee or some other MR. AD Shaco means HP like a Phage or something.

Last but not least: oracle.

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I've always thought Garen did ok against Shaco. His silence and sprint can help you close in when Shaco is ganking a lane mate, and his whirl attack is surely something Shaco dont like, as it hits both of him.

The ulti can also kill him of, since he is squishy and quickly get low on health where Garens ulti is dangerous.

Else then maybe Ryze and Fiddle both have a bouncing attack, that might be good if he attack a mate, but he will be dangerous if he attack you . If you lane with Fiddle or Ryze against a Shaco you MUST harass him, he gets easilly low on health, both these casters do that well, but it goes for any ranged char against Shaco I guess.

So I wouldn't call Ryze and Fiddle Shaco counters by any means, what Im trying to say is that good harass on Shaco before he goes invisible is the best precaution.

So other than Garen maybe a real tank. Else if you are DPS it's all about putting the pressure on him not let him stand around till he disappears.