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Does a jungle timer mod/addon exist?

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TMA Killua



Is there an addon or a mod for jungle timers (blue, red, nashor, drake)? I saw in some streams, that the people posts respawn times in their Teamchat and I think that there is an addon or mod for this and they don't really write anything themselfes....
Could someone please provide a link to this mod / addon?

I found this jungle addon by searching: http://eu.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=176441
But this is not what I am looking for, as this addon doesn't post the information needed in teamchat and it drops FPS ingame.

And for the trolls, yeah i know all the timers / cooldowns and i could write respawn time myself in teamchat, but im kinda lazy and would just like to press a button like in the addon i postet.

Would be nice if anyone knows about such an addon. Thanks.

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Ahri Nine Tails

Senior Member


An addon for this can't physically be made from my knowledge as it's altering the game itself. You need a 3rd party one or just multiple stopwatches which can get messy.

Ps. You should really improve your pc if that tiny thing lags you, it barely does anything to cpu usage