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How to counter nunu jungle?

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Hi guys, i have serious problems when i am playing against nunu and i am the jungler. I have tried different routes and strategies but i always fail if the nunu is good. I get ganked (1vs1, wards) or he cleans my jungle before i can do something. He will finish his jungle 1ยบ and go for ganks very often, then my teammates will start to flame hard on me. Always the same.
Can you recommend me some champ or any advices? Thank you for reading.
PD: Sorry for my english, i need some practice :P

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if you play allone you will have troubles to beat nunu in terms of jungling.
You would need wards at the key entrances to your jungle, so your team can immediatly come in your jungle to kill him or force him to flee. Allone your pretty much ****ed.

If you know that you go against nunu, I suggest playing a Jungler like WW, who stays near 100% all the time and is not reliant on any buffs to clear the jungle.

As i said, without proper teamwork and some sacrifice for the sake of victory (wards instead of a needed item e.g.) you rarely can stop a counter jungling nunu allone.

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Nunu is strongest 1v1 jungler in the game so going against him without your teammates is a bad idea. The solution is buying wards an placing them in the river so when you see nunu coming in to your jungle ask a teammate to help you.

Or you can ask your team to steal golem buff or lizard buff when they spawn. It will somewhat weaken him but he is the easiest and strongest jungler.