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How to fix the game not launching problem

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Quite often, when the count down hits 0:00, the game just does not start. Your launcher disapears but the loading screen does not come up... so you can't close LoL or restart it, you are going to get a leaver penalty and your mates are have a bad time..

Here is how to get out of trouble :

1. Right click on windows task bar
2. Task manager
3. Processus tab
4. Select lol.launcher.exe, then "Stop the processus".
5. Select LolClient.exe, then "Stop the processus".
6. Restart the game.
7. Reconnect to the match & play

I have to do this about once every 4 games... Hope there will be a fix soon, but in the meantime, this might reduce the number of "leavers" & "never camers" !

GL & HF !