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Ward placement on Big Map

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Since I worked on this, I want to share it with the community.
Kudos to AwwGasm and this Thread where I got my Infos from: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=2781619#post2781619

I just transfered it to a Big Map of Summoners Rift making it more handy and marked the most useful wards in my opinion. All the ward placement is done with the premise that you are in the BLUE fraction (coming from bottom left).

since its a real big Photo I couldn't upload it to imageshack or directupload (10MB) so I put it on rapidshare. Maybe some1 has an alternative photo uploader that can handle bigger files, then I'm gonna put it there too since I don't like rapidshare anyways.....

also posted in community forum for people to initially see it, but if someone really wants to look for something like this, this is the better subforum tbh.