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Gangplank Support/Damage???

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Note:I haven't tested this extensively but in my surprise it seams to work XD

Hi and thanks for vewing my thread.So now that Gangplank is free to play for this weak i started playing with him again(i just love the on hit kill XDD) and i tested a build i had on my mind.Gangplank Support(personaly never heard or saw it before).The idea is build Gangplank with some support items and then some dmg but let me show u the build to understand what i mean:

Summoner Spell:

To be honest i am not sure what fits here for this build so i just played the usual Ghost/Ignite


- Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads
- Soul Shroud
- Shurelya's Reverie
- Atma's Impaler

And then i am stuck...I have no idea what i should make from there.I am thinking maybe starks fervor so my allies get the aura or maybe dig even deeper in to tankish and go for Aegis of the Legion and Randuin's Omen or Warmogs etc.So i am gona need some help with that.

To explain the idea is simple help ur team with auras.Shurelya's Reverie will give u a good way to chase down enemys with ur team and it gives a good mana and health regen.Then Atmas to make up for ur dmg and ur good to go.

I understand this must seam like a fail build but it went great in a few maches that i played...maybe it was just luck but i wanted to bring this build to ur guys atention to see what u think and maybe give a good idea to improve this build ;P.Thnx again for vewing my thread and for any feedback ;D!!!!

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http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjDHPnzCeow (http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjDHPnzCeow)
my gangplank vid, i dont use support items since gangplank is better suited to dps but using ur E and R can turn a battle + dps gangplank hits very high so i see him as more a nuking char just build a lot of damage bloodthirster, infin edge, last whisper and so on with crit runes and even thought u arent going to max your crit chance you will still crit enough to be best 1v1 champ late game. look at my vid i dont crit all the time but when i do its huge and you dont need attack speed because raise moral gives enough and damage is more important considering his q. ^^