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Buttons stuck (Only happened for Katarina)

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Okay, so i've got this very weird bug that reaaaaaally gets me on my nerves. Sometimes when i play katarina, for some reason, the Q, R and B gets stuck. They just don't work. I tried smashing my keyboard, closing game and relogin and reconnect, i've tried to click the Ctrl, Shift, Alt buttons to see if that fixes it (sometimes it does in a different situation), but nothing worked.

I don't know what makes the bug appears, it just appears very rare times. Today was the third time it happened, and this time it didn't fix automatically. The first and second time it got fixed itself, like the buttons started working again after about 15-20 minutes. But this time, the bug came in the end, so our team lost because of my buttons were stuck the last 10 minutes. :/ I know it's not much i give you and it's hard to believe, but seriously, this bug is driving me nuts -.-

Thank you for reading.