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Support needs an ADC duoQ partner

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I'm new to LoL but have been watching it fir a very long time. I'm an ex competitive CoD player who has been to LAN events so I have plenty of experience under my belt. Quite frankly playing solo q on ranked is so tedious. Due to me being a support I always get put with some numpty that is clueless on how to farm or literally cannot make an plays at all so it takes the fun out of it.

I'm looking for a duoQ partner who can ADC, is able to farm, make plays and genuinely isn't from outer space. I often play a lot of AP support champs like soraka&morg who are my mains. I feel as if with the right ADC by my side I have a lot of potential. As of now I am still doing my placement games but would still rather duoQ it. If youre interested add me with my IGN or post here.

IGN: TurningTaylor