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Sivir SPELL SHIELD does NOT prevent Ezreal MYSTIC SHOT

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mTn Zanderzar

Junior Member


If Sivir uses "Spell Shield" before Ezreal's "Mystic Shot" hits her, she still receives Damage.
However the "Spell Shield" is acutally triggered meaning it will be gone and mana is generated.

1. Pick Ezreal against Sivir.
2. Use some abilities as Sivir so you lose mana.
3. Use Sivir's ability "Spell Shield".
4. Hit her with "Mystic Shot" before "Spell Shield" expires.
5. Note that the damage is not negated although "Spell Shield" is triggered and Sivir receives mana.

Please fix this as soon as possible as it really affect laning against Ezreal as Sivir.

P.S. It is not damage from items e.g. "Sheen" as the Ezreal in my test only built Dorans.