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[An awesome suggestion] About fan made champion's lores

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So, I've had this awesome idea about these fan made champions. We should gather some very talented lore writers and make them to write a story like the League of Legends has. But, instead of just using Riot's champions, we should make our champion's the antagonist's and protagonist's. About the story:
Some events would be in the story, like the Harrowing, Battle for Freljord and the Lunar Revel, but mainly it would resolve around the fan made champions.
If this idea would get enogh people, the stories would be posted on other thread.
Story would (maybe) take place in an alternaive universe, where LoL characters don't exist but the events do happen. Fan made champions would interact with each other.
Pros and cons:
+ Would be an awesome experience and co-opreation from and for community
+May attract attention from Rito
- May take a long time to finish