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Fun idea for support late game

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Hi forums! I've been playing some support games past few days and it has been great fun. I feel supports have a solid pool of items to pick from, and that the items have meaningful passives and actives. However a thing I found somewhat annoying has been my excess gold in late game. This is a thing I've heard some rioters express some concern about in the past. In the core of the problem are sightstone and ruby sightstone. On one hand, your team needs wards and they are pretty much the best way to use a slot, but on the other hand sightstone just gives a little hp which is not fun and not very impactful. Combine this with support items being generally fairly cheap, and what you get is full build support at 30 min mark with pretty much nothing to spend his gold into.
So here's what I came up with:
Give sightstone jungle-item-style enchantments that modify the way you use wards. All these abilities are used by using the active ability of sightstone on top of a pre-existing ward. They have a cd. Sightstone still has the ability to place wards normally.

1. Mine wards. click on a ward already in place from medium-long range. The ward will EXPLODE! revealing and slowing enemies around it for few seconds. The ward must have been in place for 2 seconds. This consumes the ward. Pink wards also reveal stealthed champs for the duration.
2. Running wards. You can click on a ward at close range to give it legs and ability to move. You then control ward with this item's active clicks for 6 seconds. Stealth wards are visible while moving but will stealth at the end of the effect. It will move fast.
3. Wukong ward
You can save a ward from being cleared at long range. The ward will run away leaving a decoy that grants vision but not stealth reveal. After 10 sec the ward will return and decoy disappear dealing 1 magic dmg per level to enemies. Stealth wards will stay stealthed and pink wards will gain stealth for the duration of the process.
4. Stalker ward
At melee range you can click on ward to spawn a mobile stealthed stalker ward at its location. Stealth ward will be consumed but pink will stay. It will wait on place, stealthed, until an enemy walks near it. It will begin following that enemy stealthed at high movement speed for 15 seconds when made from stealth ward, 20 when from pink. After 7.5 seconds enemy will get a warning that that he/she is revealed by stalker ward. It will follow and catch up dashing or stealthed target but won't pathfind if its victim goes over a wall. Stalker wards made from stealth ward can be killed in one hit but from pink they are unkillable.

I feel an addition of this sort would make upgrading sightstone feel more valuable purchase and less a waste of a slot. I get the reasoning that supports already have so many "obligatory" buys but i feel this kind of change wouldn't be a problem because it would be fun to use and so ppl would enjoy buying it. Also would make warding more useful which in turn would get non-supports to upgrade trinkets and buy more wards in general.