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Ohmwrecker Rework

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I think everyone is aware of ohmwrecker being one of the least used items in the game due to being practically useless and having limited uses (only disabling towers).Therefore I came up with the idea of it becoming a sort of 'key to summoners rift' and diversifying its purpose.

Possible New Uses:

- Opening and closing the gate which leads to the enemy team base
- Granting immunity to ally tower and maybe inhibitor (definitely not nexus)
- Decreasing the spawn time of dragon and baron (roughly 30 seconds, this can help teams to catch up when behind)
- Speeding up an ally minion wave from longer range (useful when you can't tank the tower)
- Make ally inhibitor come back faster
- Silence and/or applies a slow on an enemy champion, maybe even a aoe ability

This overall would make Ohmwrecker much more fun and used item, of course if all of those uses would be applied to a single item it could be regarded as 'overpowered' however I think we all believe it definitely should have more than one use; at least three.