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[Skin suggestion] In general.

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Hi GD,

I actually wanted to share an idea that popped up in my mind. I've bought a lot of skins, which I don't mind,
however now that I have finally decided which champions I play most I find it slightly a loss for all the lovely skins i'm not using.

Now my question/idea was, how would you guys think about it when Riot would consider implementing a system that would make it so that you can ''refund the skin(s) you dislike, while only getting a certain amount back for it in return (which you could make random)'' For example lets say i'd refund Warring Kingdoms Katarina, it would give me a random amount of RP back below 975 RP of the actual price of that skin.

I hope you might read and maybe even consider giving your opinions on this.

Greetings, Chocoflakes.