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I'm fed but I need tips to "carry"

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Ay kyanot speaku ingrish veri vel

So as the title said, I would like to learn any tips or explanation who could help me to "carry" while fed because I try to pray god before playing but I still loose.
But wait a sec ! Let's be clear i'm not crying, uh
I just wanted to optimize my chance to win, I can understand that everybody isn't stronk like me huehuehuehue

I already know that when I'm fed, I can :
*During Laning Phase*
_Gank other lane to help my mates (But is it really worth to give 300 gold to someone who already fall behind ?)
_Try to get an objective (Is the risk is worth during laning phase ?)
_Counterjungle/Killinthejungle the ennemy jungler (It's fun to kill someone, but id it too risky ?)
_Take the focus of the ennemy jungler by pushing and roll on the laner opponent (Is it really usefull ?)
*After Laning Phase*
_Splitpush (Lol this strategy never works, always one guy get catch in your the team)
_Bronze Trap (well it only works in bronze)
_Ask your tank to engage in order to permit you to deal all of your damage without any risk (What's for "all in" character like Riven ? Only 1 cc can make you die)
_Bait a fight at Nash or Drk (Your team need to follow you)
_Ward (Seriously you can't imagine how it help your mates)

As you can see, I don't really know what to do after laning phase, I'm quite lost so I hope you guys to help me
(This link will lead you to my nightmare)
*******http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/403186NoenglishCopie.png (http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=403186NoenglishCopie.png)