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So i switched to LoL from DotA

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And now i have bunch of questions xD

Game is different in number of thing's so here is my list.

1.I decided to play APC's because i like them most.My goal in this game is to eventually reach platinum league,i have no time nor skills to go higher than that.My friend told me that very best players usualy play with 4-5 same champions all the time to ensure they will be played up to full potential.
Is that true and if yes,should i go the same way?

2.Is this solo ranked queue even fair?I mean it seems like you need alot of luck with your team players.It looks like you can be LCS player but if you are stuck with noobs often you will get nowhere.Is this really the case?Should i try to create my own team or join existing?

3.So far i dare to say i learned to play Annie (far from pro ofc) and i'm alredy pulling some decent scores.Probably due to the fact that Annie doesn't look like complicated champion for a starters.I tried Syndra too but it's really pain in the ass.It takes alot of practice.What champions are good for me as a starter then,can you give me a list (APC's only ofc).

4.Is it true (or am i just still bad) that some champions are better laners than the others,even if you are more skilled than your opponent?

5.How good can you perform,if you buy only recommended items,without your own customization based on your role,lane and opponent's.

Thanks alot