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Nidalee latest "nerf"

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Potato Wizard

Junior Member


Remember when Riot said they need to change Nidalee's kit to make her less toxic? Remember how they did it and she was less toxic? Me neither.
Honestly now she's even more annoying. Her spears do pretty much the same damage when she gets any AP items but on top of that now if she hits it she can jump half the damn map and all in you with burst that you can compare with le blanc. And hey she can still pounce non stop like she used to but now from level 1 as well. She got all this in change for the fact that stupid players will be easier to kill since they pounce on the enemy whenever. Worth for nidalee mains with a brain I guess (the few that exist).

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Yep I can't stand 'new' Nidalee. Riot managed to take every element that was toxic about her and actually make it worse! In her current state she's real high reward with very low risk.