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[champion suggestion] Rig the oildigger of Zaun

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This is a new champion i have "invented". Hes name is Rig and he is a tank support. The rift need some more supports.

Classic skin:
He has a haircut looking a little like Tintin's haircut but his haircolour is red. His jacket is black so as his black jeans and his black shoes. In one of his pockets he has a golden pocketwatch. His oil is of course black.

Void skin: His hair is green, his clothes are dark-purple and his oil is the voidplasma, pink.

This is his introduction:
When Rig was young around 6 years he had one friend, one friend that always was there for him when he needed someone to be with, when he was sad or bored. His friend was named Hyllna, Hyllna was son of the king. They were best friends in many years until the king was merdered and no one know who it was who killed him. The day that the king was merdered was on Hyllnas fourteenth birthday and Hyllna had to take the throne. With all the responsibillities he soon forgot Rig.
Many years later: Rig discovered oil in a little hill. The oil was a rare product and the oil would make him rich if he could sell it to anyone, but no one was interrested to buy it for a high price. Rig thought that Hyllna mabye would buy it for a high price. He went to the castle to sell the oil, in hope for a big price, but when he came there Hyllna didnt recognized Rig and he accused him for merdering the king. Rig was thrown into the dungeon. The floors in the dungeon was cold and wet and there was mices everywere. One day he escaped when he found a secret exit and he tought that when the king will find out i have escaped he will kill me, so he took a ship from the kings marine. Hyllna saw it from his window and sended out some guards to kill him. The guards catched up to Rigs boat. Rig tried to hide, and he saw a barrel. Rig fastly jumped into the barrel, but it was filled of oil. When the guards was searching for Rig a huge lightning hit the barrel so it flew aboard. In some way, the lightning that hitted Rig + the oil he was almost drowning in + the speed of the barrel falling to the sea caused a chain reaction in his heart so it started pumping oil instead of blood. Rig learned how to control oil and after a week floating in the barrel he came to Valoran. He more precisely came to Zaun.
He found a place to live in and train his oil powers so he could be a champion in the League of Legends.


Q: Oil shot
Rig sends a skillshot in a direction stoppning at the first enemy it hits, dealing magic damage and slowing the target 60/65/70/75/80 % for 1,5 seconds.
Damage: 50/105/160/215/270 (+ 30% of Rigs magic resist)
Costs: 55/60/65/70/75 mana.
Cooldown: 7/6,75/6,5/6,25/6

W: Oil factory
Rig places a little oil factory giving extra gold income to an allied champion, but Rig cant give money to himself. Factorys dont deal damage.
Gold income: +0,05/0,1/0,15/0,2/0,25 gold per second.
Costs: 35 mana to create a factory in every stage.
Max 3 factorys can be placed.
Enemys can kill the factory for 30 bonus gold.

E: Oil mark
Rig set a mark at an enemy champion and after 3 seconds the targeted champion is stunned for 1/1,25/1,5/1,75/2 seconds.
Damage: 10/50/90/130/170 (+ 30% of Rigs armor)
E-Passive: Nearby allies gain 10 movement speed.
Costs: 70/80/90/100/110 mana.

R: Oil field
Rig creates a huge area of oil, disappearing after 5 seconds, every allied champion inside that area will be healed 200/250/300 health (+ 5% bonus health) over 5 seconds and all enemies will be slowed by 35 %

Rigs Base stats:

Health: 403 (+ 80 per lvl)
Health regen: 5 (+ 0,48 per lvl)
Mana: 242 (+40 per lvl)
Mana regen: 5,1 (+0,52 per lvl)
Attack damage: 50 (+3 per lvl)
Attack speed: 0,665 (+0,25% per lvl)
Armor: 33
Magic resist: 16 (+2 per lvl)
Movement speed: 340
Basic attack range: 500

Passive: Oil shield, 10 % that Rigs nearby allies blocks enemy abilliteis and basic attacks. (wont work against minions)

Joke 1: Oil is worth much, but not compared to friends.

Joke 2: Rig pick up his watch and says: Time runs out, so does friendship

Dance: Rig does a copy of himself that dances.

Laugh: Rig says: I have nothing to laugh for so why would i ever laugh?

When recalling, Rig creates a door of oil, that he walks into and when he have walked in he comes back to the base from another door.

Some tips: (By my opinion)

How to evolve abillities: W,E,Q,W,W,R,W,E,E,E,R,E,Q,Q,Q,R,Q,W
Masteries: 0/30/0
x3 Greater Quintessence of Percent Health (+ 4,5% bonus health)
x9 Greater Mark of Armor (+ 8,2 armor)
x8 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+ 10,7 magic resist)
x1 Greater Glyph of Health Regeneration (+ 0,3 health regeneration)
x9 Greater Seal of Percent Health (+ 4,5 bonus health)

You should focus on health, armor and magic resist.
Items like warmogs armor, randuins armor, sunfire cape, mercurys treads; homeguard, locket of the iron solari and zekes herald is good to Rig.
Locket of the iron solari, zekes herald and his E passive makes all nearby allied Champions much better and stronger.


Rig is good to chase down enemies with help of his adc, with his Q and E as very good abillities at this. Rig can easy escape from single targets with Q and E, but when escaping from several enemies is next to only his R good to use. In teamfights he cant do very much, exept from using his R. To do some more things in teamfights i would recommend to use E at the one who deal most damage and just poke your enemies with Q and basic attacks.

Laning: Rigs W is not used when laning, but it gives very much extra money for his adc. Rig can also give to other lanes, for example if top are losing can top gain some extra gold. Put the W somewhere safe, or somewhere else to get vision.
To get some kills in the early game you should put your E on the enemy laner who overextends the most, then slow him with Q and when the stun comes out your adc will use basic attacks and abillities on him. If your adc is in trouble when you not are there you can use R to give the adc some extra HP and slow the enemies. In late game, if your adc not is fed, you can put the E on their most feeded and most damage dealing champion so the adc does damage and can kill them.
And your W is a sure way to get assists on every lane.

Playing against Rig: Dont overextend, if you overextend solo without your adc or support you will easily be killed with the stun and slow.
If you ever find a factory, destroy it fast.

Jungle: Rig is not a jungler, just dont play him in the jungle. Just dont.

This is just a suggestion, but please check this out, because i have been working on this champion a lot!

Rig, the oildigger of Zaun ~