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Problems loading into the game

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Greeting summoners,

since i reinstalled League, i have many issues including a really annoying bug due to which my game crashed every single time in the loading screen. My game freezes and after two minutes or so, the client asks me to reconnect. If i reconnect to early, I will just see a black screen.
The earliest time to which I can join a game is, when everyone else on my team is connected and the game has started. So this is the time where i start loading.

I cant know when they are in so sometimes i load in at 3 minutes and miss cs. Even more annoying is it, if someone else from my team cant connect so i cant connect, too.
Rankeds are unplayable this way. I have already lost two rankeds cause the earliest time i was able to actually get into the game was @12 minutes when my in lane opponent already was at level 9 and dived me.

I have already reinstalled League many times, even on other, clean hardrives but the problem still exist.
Also I did a registry cleanup and deleted all League data manually from my PC.

Is there anything I can do or do I have to wate for another patch and hope the bug will disappear?

btw: League client is the worst client I have ever seen in 14 years of gaming, gg RITO. I dont want to mention random high ping and DC issues. Really embarassing for such a popular game.