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How to avoid flamers/toxic players?

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Hey guys!

What do I have to do to not play with them? I am always nice to my teammates and opponents, but there's ALWAYS someone that behaves themselves like a-holes

When I decide to learn a new champ in normal, there is also people who keep saying "OMG, why don't u play with bots??!?!?". I always check out the champ against bots before playing it in normal games, but there's NO WAY I can match up with people who accepts me learning a new champ.

Have you also recieved a message from Rito about a negative attitude and you haven't done anything wrong? Well, I've got like 3-4 of them (I'm lvl 30). If I have carried a game as a n ADC and haven't argued with anyone in the chat log, but people keep sending reports on me for no reason.
I've also asked people about what those messages from Rito would do. They said that I will match up with players with negative behaviour, and I think they are right... because this keeps getting worse.. I EVEN END UP WITH MORE FLAMERS...

Please guys, I would appreciate any answer that has something to do with this!

Have nice day!

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I got the same problem, i got 55% win ratio however i get only 11points per win and 22 per loss..
riot just wants people to go play dota 2 where rankings are actually okay.
My MMR equals a gold player and i'm in silver 3.. they keep on making champs instead of fixing the most important...