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Help me pick my first champ

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so when i started lol (after some time in HoTS) i was quite bored by the passive laning of the ADC till he gets the items he needs, however i get my rush from killing heroes so i thought about assassins, especially junglers (i tried it once, it was fun) so i decided to pick an assassin who jungles but the problem is i have no idea which to pick, and it would be a bad idea to wait for all of them to be on free rotation so can you guys help me a bit? Also it would be very nice to put some tips for that champions since most if not all guides i find are for level 30 accounts
TLDR Looking for a champion

  1. Hunts heroes (maybe a ganker?)
  2. spends his time in the jungle (when not ganking)
  3. Does not need much farm
Also couple of tips for jungle would be good ^^
Thanks in advance

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After reading your post, it reminded me of exactly how I use to play at the end of last season.

Two champions that I loved in jungle were Rengar and Kha'zix. Both of these champions are decent assassin junglers with strong ganking potential.I believe at the moment that Rengar is favored more than Kha'zix in the current meta but I personally prefer Kha'zix.

Gap Closer: (This is great for ganking as you can get on to a champion quickly and lay down some damage)
-Rengar: Jumps from grass/bush onto enemies (Passive-Unseen Predator). Jumps while invisible onto enemies
(Ultimate-Thrill of The Hunt)
-Kha'zix: Jumps and does AOE damage on landing (Leap) The range can be upgraded with his ultimate (Void
Assault) and also then resets on kills and assists allowing you to leap more.
Winner: Kha'zix (Rengar's ultimate is amazing for ganking but I find that it loses it's effectiveness in the late
game. Kha'zix can not only use his leap to do damge and close a gap but alsouse it to escape)

CC: (Following a gap closer, applying some CC (Crowd Control) to keep a champion from running away is great.
-Rengar: Throws a Bola that slows enemy and snares them if upgraded with Ferocity (Bola Strike)
-Kha'zix: Shoots a void spike at enemy slowing them and healing Kha'zix, if upgraded with the ultimate, three
spikes are shot (Void Spike)
Winner: Technically Rengar has much better CC and should be the winner. Personally I prefer Kha'zix on this one
as not only does the heal help out in jungle a lot but when it is upgraded, you can't miss.

The rest of these champions kits is basically a ton of damage to murder any champion caught on their own.
Personally I would recommend Kha'zix as he is a ton of fun and puts out lots of damage while still been usefull in team fights. Unfortunately both these champions are quite expensive and the cheap assassin jungler would be Master Yi who I won't go into detail about.

TLDR: Kha'zix or if you prefer, take Rengar. If you don't have enough IP/RP then Master Yi

As far as jungle tips go this is my general early path for both Rengar and Kha'zix.

1. Hope that you are top side (red/purple)
2. Upgrade Q (1st ability)
3. Start gromp with ADC/Support help and smite straight away
4. Take Blue, wolves, back to base and upgrade to trailblazer (Remember to change this later to stalker's blade)
5. Red, Krugs, Raptors, Base or Mid Lane Gank depending on health (NOTE: If you are not level 30 and don't have your runes, stay away from Raptors early game)
6. Focus bot lane and mid as that's where the squishy's are.

Kha'zix is pretty simple using a Leap and then Void Spike on ganks.
Rengar though you want to try stack your ferocity so that your slow is upgraded to the snare for ganks.

I hope this helps out and if you have any more questions feel free to ask! =)

GL & HF =)