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[Champion rework] Warwick

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So probably I'm not the only one longing for this rework because right now hes not really fun to play compared to other champs and his visual look sucks too^^. So I just wanted to present my idea of what could be changed.

Passive- Warwicks basic attacks marks a target increasing his attack speed by every hit stacking up to 4 times. after hiting the target 4 times the target
gets slowed for 20% and starts bleeding. Warwick can track down any target that is bleeding
Q- Warwick swipes at a target enemy, dealing damage and healing himself for... . With E ability activated warwick leaps on a target dealing damage and disrupting channels.
W-Warwick bites the target dealing damage and reducing targets armor. Hiting the same target with basic attack now heal warwick for %health for a few seconds
E-Warwick stands on 4 feet inceasing his movement speed for ... seconds( he can only use Q in this mode)
R-Boosts up other abilities. (Like from channel disruption to silence, inceasing stats, boosting passive.

Feel free to criticize or just state your opinion about these kind of changes that could be done to him. ^^
And sorry for my english