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[Champion Rework] Kennen, The heart of the storm.

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Mark of the storm: Enemies hit by Kennen's abilities receive one Mark of the Storm, which lasts for X seconds and stacks up to three times. At three stacks, the marks detonate to Stun the target for X second and grant Kennen X Energy.
If the stun is applied more than once within X seconds, it has a diminished effect and will only stun for approximately X seconds.

Patience (NEW): Once Kennen hits 0 Energy, he cannot cast any spell until his Energy is back up to 200. In this period, his Auto-Attacks deals bonus X magic damage. (It should be very little, it is supposed to help in during phase, the damage in late-game should be barely noticeable)


Lightning Dash (NEW): Kennen channels for 0.X seconds, then transforms into a thunder that dashes through a "drawed line", ignoring unit collision. Any enemies he passes through take X magic damage (deals X% damage to minions and monsters).

(NEW TARGETING SYSTEM): Holding down Q, you can draw a line (Max. X00 Unit that scales up by leveling the ability, and of course the line has a curving limit, Kennen can do 45° more or less turns) and when Q is released, Kennen dashes through the drawed line. The speed of the dash scales up with Kennen's movement speed. Similar on how Kalista's dash scales. To give it some counterplay, it could show the partern like 0.75 seconds before Kennen dashes. Very similar to Xerath's Q.


Energy Pulse (NEW): Kennen releases a pulse of energy around him, dealing X magic damage around him. Holding W raises the range of the pulse, but raises the energy cost as well.


Electric Discharge (NEW): Kennen enpowers his next Auto-Attack, that deals bonus area of effect X magic damage. This spell is intended to be the last bit of damage in his burst. So after this, he will have to wait for his energy to recover completely. This spell also bring his Energy to 0, even if it's at 200. The damage could scale by how much energy it draws.


Perforating Maelstorm (NEW): Kennen calls in a storm, that damages enemies in a line. The thunders start to fall in front of him, and slowly moves toward the targeted area. Really similar to Rumble's ultimate, but it takes more time to reach the target area.

Overall, i though this kit up for Kennen, because as THE HEART OF THE TEMPEST, i think such a bursty, AoE, and frenetic kit fits him. I know Kennen isn't first on the line for reworks, but i think this would make him WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more intresting to play.

Along with a good Visual Upgrade, i think it could be epic, seeing an HD Yordle dashing around, calling down storms with a lot of good blue effects!