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Very strange ping problem, can i have some help? :)

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Junior Member


hi, so i have this ping problem, but i don't know what is causing it:

If i use my computer on 'netwerk 1' i got about 30 ping, this is very nice.

If i use him at netwerk 2 i have about 250 ping and even higher spikes. This is playable, but very disturbing

You could say this is a network problem BUT, when my brother plays LOL at the same internet his ping is also about 30. Even if we play at the same time.

So: it's not a connection problem and not a computer problem, i've already spent a lot of time trying to find fixes, but can't find anything that works... I'm also using wtfast, seems to help a little, but doesn't solve the problem.

Thanks a lot for reading and / or helping me