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High Elo Midlaner Educational Stream & Zed Guide

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Hello fellow Summoners!

My Summonername is xBrick, I am a passionate league of legends player and I just love playing and teaching the game. I am a decently high elo player, hovering in the high end of diamond usually^^ throughout s4 i couldn't really get to master tier due lack of practice but i'll aim towards it next season!
I am a midlane main, and I love showing people and teaching people how to carry from the midlane role perspective. I have recently started streaming on twitch.tv but because I don't have too many friends on league, i don't really have any viewers on my stream. I am not planning to make money, but simply commentate, and teach my fellow league players how to play the game. I think I can teach a lot of people in the league community with my knowledge, and hopefully help them improve at league of legends. During the week, i have evening classes, with that beeing said i'll be able to stream either in the morning or late at night. At weekends i'll try to start streaming arround midday till midnight+.

My stream: http://www.twitch.tv/irbrick
During week Monday - Thursday from 22:30 - 4 AM UTC/GMT +1
Weekends - Friday - Sunday 14pm - 10pm GMT UTC/GMT +1

I really hope to get some viewers and followers to interact with, and to hopefully start teaching some of my knowledge in league of legends to you guys! Thanks again!

Here is the Link to my Zed Guide: http://www.lolking.net/guides/333026