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Unable to join games

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The title may be a bit of a fishing hook, i agree. My concern is the "Abandoning a match or being AFK results in an unfair game for your teammates and is a punishable offense in League of Legends. Do you agree not to leave any further games?"

This topic is here just as a log really. I understand the motive behind putting an unskippable coercion forcing the person to agree, so i've decided to log this message here. This is in the Co-op vs AI.

I do not agree. If my wifi connection is completely stable and strong, and i have a constant 800ms from game start until 20 minutes in the game, and i am unable to resolve it through resetting/editing/trying everything, then I will elect to leave the game, so i do not feed enemies or leech my own allies' exp. My choices are very limited to avoid punishment. If i sit in base for the rest of the game, i'll be reported AFK. If i leave the game, i'll be forced to "agree" to not leave games again. So essentially you are obliging me to spend 20-30 minutes of my time running around asininely in a game trying to stop my allies voting me AFK or leeching while my lag rating is through the roof. This, while i may be doing other things in real life.

That's all, thanks