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[champion suggestion] Master Phul, the Wuju Hands

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Master Phul, the wuju hands

One of Ionia’s great Martial Arts Master, and the creator of the Wuju Hands Technique. Created as an alternative to the wuju style of Master Yi; believing that a fighting style revolving around a sword defeats the purpose of self-defence.
He spent many years perfecting it in the dojos of Ionia, endless practice and sparring with various others until the day he declared it perfect, during that month he hosted a tournament under the watchful eye of Karma and the other Ionian Elders where he allowed all to enter and to compete with him and his style. He beat many fighters one after the other with ease until Master Yi stepped forth. The fight was fierce and fast. Their speed was equal and so was their power; Phul unable to land a hit was eventually beaten by the sword of Yi. Yi was gracious in victory but Phul, Phul was distraught. He could not believe he had lost and left for the forest in a state of violent rage with the celebrations still ringing in the air.

During the weeks he spent in the forest amongst the leaves and mist he could not calm himself, he could not see how he failed to beat Master Yi when he had beaten so many other en route, so he went back to training and practicing, this time alone. During his training by the river he was approached by 2 spirit snakes who had seen the whole ordeal and were impressed by Phul. He knew the snakes were powerful, but he also knew they would destroy his soul and possess him. They asked him questions about Yi and the snakes eventually persuaded him to let them help.
Phul did not care what they were capable of doing to him, only what they could do to Yi. And they became bound to him, wearing the snakes like deadly mittens.

He returned to the village and hosted a similar tournament, winning with great ease, but unlike before there was no Yi to greet him, the great master had already left for the League of Legends, and so Phul followed.
On his journey he was slowly being controlled and corrupted; more and more by the snake spirits, the green scales initially only on his hands spread like a plague over his body eventually covering all but his head and infecting all but his heart and brain.

Passive – clinical strikes – phul attacks with such precision that his attacks and (spells that say so) apply true damage on hit equal to 9 + 20% of his AP

Q – Thousand Fangs – strikes with rapid succession channeling over 2 seconds to hit up to 8 times in a 800 range cone in front of him the damage of the strikes decay the longer the attack goes on but each strike applies full on-hit effects. Initial strike = 56% AD, final strike = 20% AD. 11/10/9/8/7 seconds cooldown, 60 mana.

W – Swift strikes – melee range, instantly strikes the target twice applying on-hit effects and silencing the target for 1.5 seconds. 30/35/40/45/50% AP ratio, 8 second cooldown, 40 mana.

E – Wuju Absorb – 1st activate is a spellshield that lasts for 1 second, upon activation green orbs of wuju flow around him, upon absorbing a spell he can use the 2nd active for 10 seconds. 50 mana cost, 16 second cooldown.
Wuju Absorb cannot be cast while channelling Q
2nd active: Wuju flight – hurtles through the air towards the target whose spells he absorbed in a green blaze and inflicts a high damage magic attack. 80% AP ratio 90/150/210/270/330, no cost.

R – Hunger –active: for 8 seconds, 80/65/50 second cooldown, no cost.
his passive is increased by 30/60/90 true damage and 10% AP ratio. And his movement speed is increased by 100
His W becomes a stun for the same duration.
His E is refreshed, if the spellshield had successfully absorbed a spell and the window is still open Wuju Flight can be used again.

Health 599
Attack damage 55
Health regen. 7.6
Attack speed 0.679 (+1.40%)
Mana 251
Armor 21.0
Mana regen. 7.3
Magic res. 32.0
Melee 125
Mov. speed 355

intended role, top lane fighter

have fun with the last days on the forums.

Master Phul head cut 3.jpg