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Annie's Q stacks to her passive after hitting target, not after casting

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sim H

Junior Member


Apart from all other's Annie's spells, which count to the passive counter immediately after casting, Q need to hit the target first. It is not a big deal, but it can be pretty annoying when stunning someone with the Q and then immediately using W. Instead of 1 at her passive is then 0 when the Q hits later than W (but stun is still only on Q). In the description of her spells it says "cast", not "hit".

Happened in 100% cases.
Reproduce: Play Annie, use Q.
Expected outcome: Counting the spell as soon as casted.
Real outcome: Counting Q after it hits the target.

EDIT: It does not concern only counting to passive, but also using the passive. If you have stun ready and cast Q+W very quickly, the stun will be on W and not on Q (and yes, I am sure I used Q first, I reproduced this situation many times )