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Lucent Singularity (aka Lux's e ability)

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So i was playing ranked and i noticed that i was slowed for apparently no reason, i thought i had missed something but then i took damage, this happened to me many times 'till i realize that it was lux's E. I told my friend and we took special attention to the next few skillshots she used and we confirmed my theory the skillshot was invisible. I can only ensure you that the bug worked everytime i was looking and until the end of the game can't be more precis (Lux was on the enemy team idk if that matters). A similar bug happened to me a few days ago with Braum's q although it had the particles around it the skillshot itself was invisible.
I hope this gets fixed soon as it was a big disadvantage for our team.

TL DR: all Lux's E were invisible during a ranked game

EDIT:I tried to record this in a costum game with a friend but i wasn't able to