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premade to troll and report

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Junior Member


So i was in a matchmaking with 3 premade :
ItzHyroza, Shadow Valkyrie, and I dont add you

and well was picking champion after saying my role and got to hear "we are 3 premades and troll. we will report you two", due to that i asap left matchmaking to get a 10min queue ._. and so in meantime googled and found out that they play alot of matches together.

What can people do about such players in the community? they play to troll and report innocent ppl that want to just have a nice night on the game.
Is it possible to ban these players? I don't want others to have to suffer them nor be forced always to wait in 10min queues to avoid them

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Lady Lothiriel

Senior Member


You are violating forum rules (naming and shaming) and risking a ban.

You can report players like these to support.

If you got a 10 minute penalty, you must have left another game before that. I sometimes dodge games too when they seem impossible to play, never got more than 5 minutes.