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Lower priority queue

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Junior Member


Hello my account name is simply1338, i've been lately getting lower priority queues for leaving games,
i am really sorry that it happend, but i didn't do that on purpose.
I live in estonia where lately there has been some storms what has been kinda trouble for my internet connection and i've disconnected from the games for that reason.

If you ask me why i play with storm?
One day after the storm i had a good connection and i was thinking to do a new round in ranked games, suddenly at 10 minutes my ping raised up to 1000.
I told my teammates and enemy team that i might disconnect from the game and i apologize for it.
Then it disconnected and wouldn't let me go back in the game...
and there's the question:
Is there anyway that it can be disabled? the internet is now fully back up and i wont leave any games.

Kind Regards,

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Lady Lothiriel

Senior Member


Your LPQ time will end eventually. If you do not leave any more games then, you should be okay. But you have to understand that there has to be some form of consequence for people who leave games often.

I personally have a lot more leavers than flamers in my games and I started to resent them quite badly.