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[ Champion Suggestion ] Apollonus Godsent Herald

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Yeah Apollus' reference, i know

By the way, some of you played Dota ( no rage no flame please ) i ever felt in love with invoker concept you know "crafting" spells is always nice, isn't it?
So, since we can't use 7 buttons in this game, what's the best effective way to creating a champ with a so stunning concept also in LoL ( neither being reported for copriright ) ?!
This was a big problem, however, thinking to sistem it was something viable, and so on, what about smashing 4 stances in 1 button?!
No i'm not a mage, and no, neither a Xerath x') but think about Lee and other stuffs like him.
I putted 4 stances in the E to make it possible.
When you press E you change Element
Order is Fire -> Earth -> Water -> Wind ( -> Fire )
This has a little CD like udyr. It's all explained, don't worry.

2 premissions

1) I have not yet made his visuals, if someone helps me because i'm bad
2) Neither yet thought about base stats, however not large hp pool, maybe like 330 ms and being mana based because no resource would be way TOO op with good scales, energy is like meh.
Also about scales, the AD on Q is for making adc viable ( stile troll build however ! ) but still something with a sense as Ap, so it s low and only Ad scale ( he still has Atkspd however )
E is mostly intended as tank / support tool, so good base and a "better than nothing" Ap scale ( is more about another buff than about pure damange )
I'm open to "meta fix" i hadn't gone so hard with scales just to not make him so much broken and unbalanced.
He' s meant be a good damange team support with a good resistance, not an assassin with so hella sustain


Sorry about being a bit confusing on skills effects and some english mistakes, i just rushed some ideas, i ll write them more clearly when i will have some time.
In brakets [ ] is wrote what is more purely mechanical or not supposed to be shown on skill display



Apollonus, the Godsent Herald


When the Gods sent Apollonus on the Earth the previous time, they would have never thought that Azir would manage in restoring his divine powers without the help of the Grandmaster of the Eastern Temple, thus making Apollonus eliminate him.
However, for the second time Shurima's emperor in some way managed to broke the Natural Order, seeking for Ascension and tryng to return the Godly Empire again alive.
The same Gods that confined Shurima to Earth and subsequently send whole it into sands now want it to came to an end.
Once for all.
Even more scaring, this troubles interfers with Apollonus baking lessons, even Gods themselves scares for what can happen when Apollonus gets in anger...

Upon killing Yasuo:
He must have died! It was the only way..
+ Buff: What must be done ( this awards +10 ap till killed by yasuo )

Being killed by yasuo
Punishing you! This will envenge my fate!
+ Buff: Revenge is a lonely way ( + 5 AD and 1 ms to yasuo till killed by Apollonus )

Killing Azir
The Order I must preserve it!
Buff: Gods' will( + 1% CDR + 5 AP )

Being killed
Shurima! Will rise! Once again, and forever!
Buff: Rise! ( +1% Atkspd +5 AP )


Being a quote to Greek Gods Messanger he should look like the sculpture called Doryphoros ( by policletus )
So on driven by ataraxy and quite like feeling no emotions at all, so completly calm.
He should wear the toga ( even being the roman dress, it should ne fine ) and have a lyra attached to his belt.


Baking God Apollonus ( read last part of the lore x') maximum trolling power ! )
Let you be baked to death! Goes even fine with HP biscuits x')
Skin should look like...
A Fat top class baker?!


Laudly and clearly ( greek Gods are well known for being driven by ataraxy in their statue )

Joke? What's jooooke? Killing yoou should be a jooke!

Came here !! I have to bake tomorrow!!

A stone, a fire orb, some ice cristals and a thunder orbitates around Apollonus, then the air globe explode and he's sent air like jinx ( with a circular motus however )
[ maybe also a backflip would be fine ! ]

Dance: takes the flute and starts songs ( Apollus is best lyra player in the world ) going some steps to left, some to right, rhytmically.

Attack animation:
Shoots the current E element ( or just a fireball o little thunder ) to enemy


Passive: Rage of the Elementals
Every time Apo casts a spell he gains 1 Stack of Rage of the Elementals ( 11s for every buff, the E is kept in going every time )

Fire: 5+( 1x lv AP and AD )
Earth: 3+( 1xlv armor and mr )
Water: 5+( 5xlv ) M Reg /5 and 4%+( 1/3 lvl Cdr )
Wind: 2%+( 2/3 lvl MS ) and 4%( + 4/3 lvl AS )

Q: Essence Shot ( 50/55/60/65/70 mana - 7 cd ) [ linear skillshot ]

Apo shoots a Magical missle in a line for 50/70/90/110/130 ( +0,45 AP +0,7 bonus AD )

This has a bonus effect for Apo's E when he casted it

F-> upon colliding the missle explodes for another 10/20/30/40/50+( 0,25 AP ) in 225 AOE ( yasuo rounded Q )

E-> A golem takes live from the rock of Apo's shot with a rock blast in a 225 area for 4 seconds [ can't be controlled ] Also, while Apo E in on Earth Both take 10% less damange

Golem Aoe -> 10/20/30/40/50+( 0,25 AP )
Hp -> 100/200/300/400/500+( 0,7 AP )
Damange -> 40/50/60/70/80+( 0,4 AD )
[ not shown: Armor/mr -> 10/20/30/40/50 ]

Wa -> Slows and silences enemy in 225 aoe for 3 seconds
Slow strenght: 34/35/38/41/44+( 2%AP )

Wi -> After 0,3 s a tornado Damange 20/30/40/50/60+( 0,3 AP ) and knock up enemies for 0,8/0,9/1/1,1/1,2 + ( 0,1 AP )

W: Essence Absorb ( 100/105/115/ 120/125 mana 10-11 cd ) [ ground targeted 275 ran ]

After 0,1-2 s delay Apo absorbs the essence he s currently in control in the area, for 75/100/125/175/225+( 0,2 AP ) then used it at his own advantage for 3s

F -> Boosts Damange by 1% for every enemy hit
E -> Heals Apo by 30/40/50/60/70 + ( 0,3 AP + 15% Bonus HP ) over duration
Wa -> Grants Apo and its connected ally 15/20/25/30/35% Tenacity and heals them by 15/30/45/60/75 + ( 0,2 AP + 5% Bonus HP )
Wi -> When Apo's deals damange he by 15/15/20/20/25% for 1s ( includes this skill )

E: Elemental Essence ( 0,5 static cd )
( F>E>Wi>Wa )

Apo changes the element he s currently dominating with the next one if used on self
Grants the buffs he s currently having to an allied champ for 8 seconds, this puts this skill in a 2 second static CD ( you can pass buffs only to 1 champ per time )

Buffing % 50-70-80-90-100 ( 20/20/25/25/30 Mana each time )

R: Elemental's Punishment ( 125/175/225 mana 90/80/70 cd ) [ Ground Targeted ]

Apo releases the true power of the elements, letting him unleash the full power of 1 of them in the area ( heim/karma chose or E? ) [ 3 second max ]

F-> Explode 100/125/175
Boost any damange taken by 3/4/5+( 1% Ap ) for 3-4s [ Maybe 5? ]

E -> All the rocks take life 10 spawn mini krug [ they are dealt -20 damange from turrets ]
Hp -> 200/250/300+( 10% B hp )
AD -> 10/25/20+(0,1 Ap + 1% HP

Wi -> enemies are trapped in a cyclone for 0,9/1/1,1+( 0,1 %ap )

Wa -> reduces damange dealt by enemies and MS by 10/15/20 [+1% Ap?] for 2s, while boosting ally s damange by half of this ammount.
[ maybe in the same debuffs, applies to enemies, or 1 buff ally and 1 debuff enemies ]

When the effect ends, if Apo was already having all 4 stacks he will retain all the stack s buff for another 6 seconds, this also boosts them by 50% [ When this time expires he loses all his buff apart for the E one, wich is returned to its normal value.
Also allies WON'T be shared the empowered version, only the normal one ]


As obvious; he s a mage, it's his lane.
Poke with Q, sustain with water buff ( what about a mage starting with Doran shield and potion? D: )
Ring and 2 potion for Full-poke power and then burst fire W->Q
Fire W -> Wind Q if you are sure to kill and need 1 more CC ( maybe Gank )


CC, safe Poking ( q range till maybe bit lower than morg i think ) not best support ( a bit complicated maybe
) but you can support your carry, That's good, also Earth and Wind early can make you a good way to escape. Also the golem in early can be quite boring and deny some cs
Have fun zoning the enemy adc
Ps i have not said maybe but i think it's quite obvious, if you miss Q you will miss also the bonus effect ( like the karma R Q, i think )


You play top, and top, you know, is tanky lane, this is the time for full Earth spells, golems is principarly concepted to fight some melee people, beware, i think that riven may rekt you if you won't play safe.
By the way, as his Earth R scales with your hp ... It's time to spawn those persky krugs into enemy tower


You have a personal tank at lvl 1/2 bonus Armor and a free blue buff?!
Advice: clear time might not be the best.
However devourer might be fun, you have extra Atkspd afterall
A good CC is always nice in ganks by the way

Well he can be played properly in many ways, basic idea is to be played like an all-rounded utility with a good dps, so you can create combo on your feel and playstile

Now as now i feel only combo ( so hilarous, if you properly dead the lore x') ) with yasuo in botlane
Hard cc and knock up, post 6 the ult is just another mass knock up