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Do riot actually look at game messages..

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I just logged in and saw that I had ANOTHER chat restriction for 75 games. I've been chat restricted twice before and only ended my last one around a week ago. I've calmed down a lot and haven't done anything in my eyes to warrant another. I have been reported but only because I've been saying to my team stuff like, "stop overextending so I gank", "stop being so aggressive" and "c'mon guys stop constantly dying and play passively". Personally I don't think anything of what I've said should get me a chat restriction, I don't believe Riot actually look at the conversations you've had in game and just see that you've been reported even when you've done nothing wrong...anyone else had a similar situation?

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Lady Lothiriel

Senior Member


Giving unasked for, insulting and in the end rather useless advice is rightly considered negative behavior and gets you punished.

Every time someone tells someone to "stop dying" I am mightely tempted to ask "oh really? And here I thought was the point of the game?"

This advice is insulting because it more or less means you think that the person is doing this intentionally.