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A troll needs banning for good

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There was an Alistar yesterday on the enemy team we thought he was AFK but he just kept going and dying to jungle camps I for one want a fair match. I don't like it when it's 4v5 for me so why be happy when someone else goes through it?

At the end of the game in caps he spammed offensive stuff I sent it off to riot support trust me any decent company would of insta banned him with what he said and I just got him in my team lol he picks Lee Sin heal + Revive I tell the team I am not playing this game I know he is only going to feed and laugh it off.

I checked his profile yep 20+ deaths each game troll summoner spells.

Masteries? 1 page no masteries it's called Troll

Runes? 2 pages empty, names? Troll and More Troll

I know you're busy riot but come on I gave you evidence in picture check his profile and ban him.

His name is xXalorx

If support won't ban him I'll post it here. We don't need these types of people in this game.

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Junior Member


You are missing the point here. You should ask yourself WHY he is trolling well i can suggest you 1 thing. Im trolling now too, why? Well i came online today and the brilliant message appeared "due to negative activity blahblah chat restriction" (read my post below this one). Most of the time people troll because its the only way you still can have fun xD And it gets even better! I am 18 yo my nefew is 14yo scrub, i beat him 1v1 all the time, i am bronze he is silver, (with less wins than me of course FUUUUUUUUUUUU RITO !!!!) I won lane 8 games, got only 3 wins (he got 2), why? because i was playing with the biggest retards i ever saw in this game, i truly couldnt believe my eyes about the fact how unskilled you could be.... And the best thing is that people who watch lolnexus just laugh at you "bronze scrub haha". I tell you rito isnt doing its best to avoid trollers and afkers with throwing useless punishments at people (again read post below i did nothing wrong, i even dint got a warning at all) and placing people who actually have gold potential in bronze because he got not only unlucky matchmakings, but RIDICULOUSLY BAD MATCHMAKINGS with d*mbest people in the community?? I may look like many of the other scrubs with my flame posts here, but wouldnt even be here and i would be happily playing if rito wouldnt have been sutch an *ss to me.