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[Feedback] Behaviour Towards Unpopular Builds/Meta

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Gz Yengü

Senior Member


Hello community, so I sent a feedback ticket to support, and they suggested posting in the forums aswell.

It was a big text, so I will resume it with the must topics of it to save your time.

What is the problem in this issue you're asking now?
->As far as I know RIOT Encourages unpopular/new builds/meta's, as long as they have viability so that they don't affect the team in a negative way. What actually happens thou is:

->Hard toxicity towards the ones who use those unpopular/new builds.

->Blaming goes to those using them, even when they have the best score of the team and even help other lanes whenever they have a chance to.

->Thos who use it get reported (it is real, happened a few minutes ago.) for "Assisting Enemy team" and the reason they gave me was "Sona ad top is assisting enemy team".

What could be done in my opinion? Some examples:
->Promote new builds/metas, Maybe on a weekly/monthly highlight showcase

->Have a RIOT representative advertise RIOT's tought on this issue once in a while to prevent players from being so toxic whenever they see something new. Some of the most hard headed players think that not playing by the regular meta is simple Trolling or Intention to lose the game on purpose.

->Some more tought on chat restriction/bans, since I see dozens of toxic players every day, and little information on the banned ones is given to public. Bringing back the tribnunal would be a way of solving this part, since when we had the tribunal we at least had positive thinking, since we voters knew that was one less toxic player on the community, or one deserved forgiven player that was victim of rage reports(or spam reports, think this is the way RIOT calls it).

What is your toughts on this issue? Has it happened to you? Have any other idea to help on this issue?