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[Champion Suggestion] Chuck, The Iceslider

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Hello again Boyz,
if u didnt see it, check out my other champ suggest about Horney, the Bullfrog.
This one will be about Chuck, a penguin, but that name sounded way less cool than Iceslider.
There is nothing more to say about his lore or how i got this idea... i just though "LoL has a tree, cats, dogs, a bug and an alien-squid so why not a penguin?"
His aa are melee
His recouce is Ice/snow, which he generates by not moving (walking, attacking doesnt count), and looses until its empty while moving. The amount depends on speed he is walking at (so e.g. if he walks 10 teemos, he loses 10 ...snow form his 100 snow pool)

Passive:Freezer (look above)
- when completly empty, chuck doesnt feel good, loosing his ability to use W
when completly filled, chucks abilites and aa slow for ANOTHER 20% MS AND 10% AS
- if chuck uses an ability while having no snow, he looses 3 times the required snowamount as HP

Q: Snowball
- Straight line skillshot
- Stops at the first enemy hit
- slows all sorounding enemies when "exploding" (just like a real snowball)
- thaws while in air, thats why hit hitbox, the slow and the dmg become less while the skillshot flies
- speed, beginning-hitbox and range are the same like rengars E (range 1000)
- cost 20 Snow
- CD 8/7/6/5/4
- dmg 50/80/110/140/200 [+0,8% ap]

W: Bellyslide
- similar to reksai W
- toogle on: starts to slide on his belly (duh)
- sliding oncreases MS by 20
- toogle off causes him to stand up, slightly knocking up and damaging all enemies/neutrals IN FRONT OF HIM
- smae target cant be knocked up more than once every 10 secs
- the farther they r away from his beak, the less the dmg and the knockup are
- when toogled off, Chuck layes down and egg every 30 secs that hatches aber another 20 secs, that works just like ZZ-portal, jsut only once and that the maokai saplings are mixed in, so that it suicidal runs towards the next enemy turret/champion and causes damage there (not quite sure how, since we cant let chicks explode, can we?)
- any toogle costs 10 freeze
- cd between toogle: 10 secs at any ranks
- dmg of standing up (max): 30/50/70/90/150 physical dmg [+1,0% AD][+0,5% AP]
- dmg by chicks: 20/40/60/80/100 true dmg [+ 0,2% ap]

E: Hacker
- Chuck pecks with his beak one time in front of him
- causes the enemy/enemies to bleed for another 10/15/20/25/30 true dmg [+0,05% ap] over 5 secs
- range twice the normal melee-aa range
- if chuck kills and something with this ability (instant dmg, not the bleed), his freeze-pool increases by 1 (champions and large things twice that amount)
- also causes all hitten enemies to loose 10% armor and mr for the duration of the bleed ( so it will be removed by anythng that removes the bleed-dot)
- snow-costs: 15
- instant dmg: 10/25/40/55/70 [+0,5% bonus ad][+0,2% ap]
- cd 5/4,5/4/3,5/3 secs

R: Let it all out
- Chuck starts to spit his freeze-snow out of his beak
- duration is until he has no more snow
- cost 15 snow per sec
- he can move with 50% of normal MS, but will keep generating snow when doing not
- its similar to velkoz laser, just that he can move, and has only 900 range
- its just an slim cloud of snow with the width of the velkoz laser
- can be controlled with moving mouse
- can be interupted by pressing R again
- slowes everything that it hits by 20/30/50 % for 1 sec after not being in contact with the snowbeam anymore
- damage per sec: 50/100/150 [+0,4% ap]
- if allies get hit with the snowbeam, the slow also aplies to them

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sounds quite cool^^