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Looking For Advice+A bronze support duo

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Im A OddOne

Junior Member


Hi, I am currently stuck in bronze 5, not being able to depend on other lanes, being bot, there is not a huge possibility I can carry, even as a main ADC. I've been stuck in bronze for a while and im pretty sick of it. I get 100 Creep score in 10 minutes at least, I play passive and ward whenever I can. But the problem is I cant depend on my support to ward all the time, as bronze players don't have the best reactions or map awareness. I am looking for a duo support to play with. I am sick of being in bronze and im trying my hardest to get out of it. I play with all my silver friends and do average, playing against higher elo players, I anticipate their movements and can judge there play, anyway im sick or being made fun of for being in bronze which I cannot directly help. I mainly play lucian or graves. My lucian averages are:12.4 kills 9.5 deaths 9.3 assists and 196.5 creeps. I am looking for a serious support main and am willing to skype.

I am 14 Years of age, yet mature for my age, contact me on skype: jxke11
I am taking all advice and all feedback, or tips.