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[Champion Suggestion] Horney, The Bullfrog

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Hello Guys and Welcome to my first own Champion suggestion. If u mind any huge balance issues or something like that, pls tell me. Also, im not a native english speaking person so pls excuse my language.
(just in case anyone wonders, yes this is a reference to "Dungeon Keeper" by the no more existing company "Bullfrog". And i know that he is actually called "Horny" but that would be even more missleading)
The Name is in no way ment inappropriate.
For lanes i thought about Top or mb even jungle.
He uses Mana as recouce.
All his damage is physical, so i wont write that in the attack-description
he is melee.

Visually, he is a red frog with two black horns on his head (duh).

Passive: Froggy
- Horney ignores unit collisions
- Horney gains 1 Movementspeed per 1 MR he has while toogled off W.

Q: tonguing (Hit with tongue)
- He hits with his tongue
- its a straight-line-attack, like blitzcrankgrab, just with like 600 range
- the attack stops on the first enemy/neutral unit hit.
- Horney pulls in the unit he hits (if he hits one) and damages them for 40/80/120/160/200 [+1,0 AD] dmg
- if Horney kills the target with his Q, he swallows it, gaining its manacost back and healing him self for 20/40/60/80/100 [+5% max hp] hp
- manacosts: 70 at all ranks
- CD: 8/7/6/5/4 sec

W: Froggystyle
Toogle off: loosing 10 MS but [look passive]
Toogle on: Horney jumps instead of normally walking, causing him to slow every enemy/neutral unit close to him while landing by 10/20/30/40/50 %, but damaging Horney for 10 hp for every unit he hits with his W-passive.
- range is like the "footprint"-range of champions of rek'sais W-movement-detection.
- cooldown: none after toogle-on, 10 sec after toogle-off

E: Hornswing (could have called this horny swingerclubaction but there are already too many missunderstandable names here)
- Horney swings his massive head (with horns) first left, then right (within 1 sec, imagine the tik.tac of a clock -> tik is left, tac is right)
- straingt range like nidalee-cat E, maybe a bit more
- hit all units in the 180° in fron of him
- all units hit are pushed left/right (depending on with swing they are hit with) till the end of the hitbox of the attack
- damage: 50/80/120/150/200 [+1,0 bonus AD][+ 10% max hp]
- cd: 18/16/14/12/10 sec
- manacosts: 100/95/85/80/70

R: Superjump (PLS tell me a better name)
- Horney instantly jumps into the air, landing in the targeted area 1,5 to 3 sec later, depending on with range its casted (farther away- longer air time)
- size of the area: Panth ult
- range 3000
- damage 200/400/600 [+0,5 AD][+1 bonus AP][+20% bonus HP]
- cd 120/100/80 sec
- manacosts: 100 at all ranks
- additional effect: when he lands, the whole landingarea disrupts (wrong word for it(?)), like j4 ult, just that the extra-terrain is everywhere, so that the spots in whitch the enemies areare extremly small, so that they cant move away from their position, if they are really close to the middle of the landingarea, but the spots get bigger to the edge of the area. champs with REAL jump/dash abilites like gnar or vi can get out of the terrain or in another "hole", however, champs like vayne with her Q cant move trough it (or vi with instant QQ). only the mighty frog itself can move OVER the terrain, what causes him to loose 100 MS while doing so. the terrain collapses after 8 secs
in addition, the terrain blocks all melee-aa, also things like aa while aatrox ult. however, ranged champs can stil attack through it.
- since this effect might be pretty hard to realise, its also possible to let him just throw all enemies hit in the air, while only blocking the way for spellshieldchampions (thx for the tip plstK7o0range)

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ok i would like to see a champ that plays like corki, fizz, alistar and olaf. It would be like corki and fizz cause it would jump through the air, like ali cause it would throw enemies in the air, and like olaf cause u could say it would be a living axe xD. what to call him hummmmmmmmm?!! FIZZKILILOLAFF


Anyway ulti could be to jump and throw enemies in the air for a couple of seconds xD, passive i dono if it would really need a passive XD, maybe cooldown reduction on ulti per number of enemie kills xD