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[Champion Suggestion] Linnorm, the worm that walks

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Cheesy title I know, but i'm liking this idea running around my head.
It would basically be a dot-like mage, i'd say a cross between orianna (minion control), vladimir (ap and health focus) and swain (dot) maybe, i'll explain.
For anyone familiar to D&D, i'm thinking about something quite similiar to that "worm that walks", a mage that basically attempted to achieve immortality by being buried in a magical tomb that would attract lots of vermins, in order to control them as a new body with his own mind, or essence.

Linnorm was a powerful mage, native to the shadow isles, long before the curse of undeath took those lands. In life he was a wanderer and an explorer, and even attempted to travel to icathia. In order to do so, he created an artifact that would attract any harmful energy of the void. But, when he attempted to open a portal to the lost city amidst the desert of shurima, the energy released by the portal was such that his talisman could barely contain it, and it surely wouldn't have saved him were he to enter the portal. He had to close the portal, but by then, the talisman absorbed a great deal of void energy which, strangely enough, didn't manifest while the mage was still alive. When he died, Linnorm was buried along with his enchanted talisman. None knew it, but the energy of the void trapped the soul of the mage, slowing the decay of the body and keeping his mind in a somewhat comatose state. That is, until the catastrophe that turned the shadow isles to what they are today. A part of the necromantic energies where drawn to Linnorm's tomb, and mixed with the void energies of the talisman. This dire event desecrated the burial grounds in a vast area, and drew all the vermin in it to swarm to the talisman. They started to feast on the corpse of the mage, and when nothing remained of it, they were suddenly ensnared by the talisman, which finally released the mind and souls of the mage. It didn't allow it to exit this world though, instead, it made it bond with the vermin, as a conscious hive mind, and with new powers. It took him a while to see what he'd become, but he wasn't too much shocked about it, mainly because his natural instincts were gone with his old body, so that now he was just curious about what he could in his new state. He found that he couldn't channel most of his basic knowledge through the vermin, but the void-necromantic energies of the talisman allowed him a great control over the little creatures and, something more.
OK i can see it's not that original as a suggestion, but I was intrigued by the grostequeness of such a figure.

Abilities: I wanted mainly to present a description of a character, so the abilities below are just a poor attempt at describing what he can do. I won't put damage points and scaling, cause that would be a distraction if not perfectly balanced.

His abilties cost health

In battle he appears with the large robe he was buried with, and his funeral mask. This covers most the worms and other pests that make up his body, but the ones at the bottom can be sometimes be seen slithering around

A) Each time Linnorm is damaged or deals damage with a spell, there is chance that a number (scaling with levels and/or health) of vermin (worms, centipedes) are separated from the main body. These will attack the nearest enemy, preferring champions, for a short time, before returning to the main host. All kind of vermin have a chance to avoid damage and received reduced damage from aoe effects (enough to not be obliterated in a second, since they are his main form of damage). Damage scales with ap and/or level, life scales with health;
B) When linnorm is defeated, all vermin fall the ground in a medium area, writhing in place for 1 (maybe) second. After that, most of them (i'd say twice the number from passive A) will start attacking the nearest foe, while three others will crawl towards the base with the enchanted talisman. For each of the three worms that reaches the fountain, Linnorm's respawn timer is reduced by ten seconds. (this passive may have a cd)

Q: Infest - slow cd, small health cost
Passive: the vermin under the command of Linnorm eat and move the ground they slither on, slowing enemies that pass through it. Linnorm always leaves a trail that slows enemies. They slow would be quite low, enough to save him in some situations, but not enough to make him escape good runners.

Active: Linnorm commands a number of worms to swarm a targeted area, dealing aoe damage and slowing enemies along the way and in the area they stop in. They remain there until told otherwise. Using this skill again will make the worms go to another area. These worms have the same health of the ones in the passive

W: Feed - No cost, but kinda long cd
Passive - Consumption: each vermin grows in size the each time it deals damage. Stacks
Active: Linnorm commands all vermin to return to him, healing him for a small amount for each stack of consumption they have.
(If he Q and then W, he just loses health)

E: higher health cost than Q, moderate cd
Linnorm releases two venomous, untargetable scolopendras in a direction, that latch onto enemies (preferring champions) for a limited time. Tiwn shadows-like ability, but the scolopendreas apply a venom which damage and slow increases over time. Only one scolopendra can attach to same enemy

R: Assimilitation
All worms (form Q and the passive) on the ground are drawn toward the targeted champion, which must be first attacked by one of the scolopendras. The damage is based on the passive, but each additional worm deals less damage. The scolopendra remains on the champion as long as there are worms on it. If ten (i'd say) worms are on the champion at the same time within 5 seconds (?), the enemy is first immobilised, and then is drawn toward Linnorm's body (this last grab-like part would last 2-3 seconds). While this happens, the robes reveal the grotesque host, which opens a hole in its center. If the champion is drawn near enough to linnorm, it is consumed by it (if it is under 20% health maybe), and linnorm gains a temporary boost of health and ap (either a percentage of the champ stats, or a fixed amount, depends on balance). The targeted champion cannot attack the vermin, however his teammates can, in order so save it. If a champion is killed while being dragged toward Linnorm, he still gets the bonuses.

Gameplay: Linnorm's vermin are infused with the talisman's energy, which allows them to hunt greater creatures for their master. In lane, he deals damage with Q but relies on auto-attacks for last hits (small void attacks made with the talisman). The vermin can slow the advance of the enemy's minions, but can't go too far from the main body. Whenever Linnorm needs to regain health, he can recall the worms to himself, but at a tradeoff: the W ability has a fairly long cd and the worms must have dealt some damage in order to grant any heal. Lastly, with E, Linnorm can setp up kills with two scary scolopendras that mainly apply a signifcant slow over time a will haunt the other's players dreams (next time you face them, you will an easier time due to their lack of sleep). Lastly, R would be the defnitive NOPE! move, that becomes basically a free kill if the champion is low health and his/her friends are nowhere near. Be carefeul though, in order to use R, a champion has to be under E's effect.

In teamfights, I'd say his main tactic would be to zone out enemies with his Q, which should be able to deal quite some damage in late game, but is also avoidable. His combo E/R, most effective when there are many worms on the ground, can NOPE into oblivion an enemy out of position, or finish of anyone trying to flee. If he's caught out of position though, he has still a small window of escape with the passive slow around him and by recalling to himself as many worms as he can for the heal. Spellvamp can be useful to offset the cost of his abilities.

Might be fun in the jungle too, maybe with some tweaks and spellvamp quints

A while ago I gave another look at the D&D 3.5 epic levels manual, and again stopped on this figure, which seems to have been forgotten, and doesn't appear anywhere else (that I know). Still, it was a really strong and cool foe, and i'm quite suprised it doesn't even appear in other iterations of the game. This could also be a tribute to D&D itself :P

There it is, I'm not much inventive but i've been playing lol since VI came out, and now i feel like giving some suggestion, no matter how bad it is. Also, consider that I wanted mainly to suggest a concept of a champion, and was too afraid to talk about ratios and balance cause it's so easy to mess up.

Still, please bash me with feedback. My post isn't probably 100% clear (i'm not checking grammar mistakes, and i'm not even sorry), but if it is even just a little interesting and it'd be worth it, i'd be glad to expand on it . Cheers!