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When Midlaners and junglers figures this out erlie game is gonna get crazy

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Some (About 1/5) Vi jungle players know that they can do dragon lvl 2.
But so can WW,Aatrox,Shen, Xin, J4.. on just the top of my head

Now what i usualy do in jungle (usualy Aatrox or Shen)
is that i take the frog or redbuff depending on what part of the map i am and depending on were enemy jungle starts.
after i ding lvl 2, i go straight into enemy jungle, and get first blood + the buff becuase 19/20 times people start at golems or frog, making them low and with no smite up.
by the time you get to the buff (you kinda have to hurry) the jungler is usualy at 30%-40% hp.. and you just wait in the bush untill the buff is low, then you just go in and kill the jungler and then secure the buff..

After that i ping and tell them in chat that enemy jungler is going to the second buff when he respawns and its up to the laners if they want a extra 300 gold.
I B home and head to dragon, securing it usualy at 5:17

When i play Lux,Ahri,Zed, Veigar or Viktor i showe the first wave so these is a CS advantage, then i move around like im planning to ward the bush (9/10 times enemy midlaner does not ping missing or follow) and then i just do the same thing to enemy jungle, getting me first blood and a buff.

Enjoy a buffed erlie game