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You have no section i can find for my post :(

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I don't really understand the point of the League Points System.

You seem gain random amounts IE you can lose 16 in one game. Then gain 17 the next.

But othertimes you can lose 17 and gain 16 in the next.

I dont really understand the point in this at all. There are 5 divisions in each Tier and promos which i think make perfect sense to move up to the next level or whatnot.

But these random figures of LP loss or gain just make it wholly frustrating with no real benefit.

I suggest that instead of this random gain or loss, the system could be changed to a set amount.

For example you could have to attain a certain amount of wins to go for promos.

SO if you win a match you always get a set amount of points. So you know where you stand. It stop speople getting into the 90s and hvaing to play an axtra game just to go for promos. sometimes when you fail your promos you have to win 2 games just to get back up to them. but other times you only have to win 1. I dont really think this fair. AS there are LOTS of different circumstances that can result in you winning or losing a match.

You can set it at something like. You always gain 20 points for a win. and lose 20 for a loss. If you want to make it harder then just set it at a lower value depending on the division.

I think this will take away some of the stress that is trying to climb a division.

Thanks for your time.


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Lady Lothiriel

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Try General Discussion. This is definitely the wrong forum.