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Would you like Lore related Skins?

Yes, both Cannon ones and what if skins 4 100%
Yes, but only the cannon Lore, not what if 0 0%
I don't care either way 0 0%
No, I prefer the funny skins 0 0%
No, skins should not be story related 0 0%
Voters 4 .

Alternate timeline skin line

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Imagine if they started doing a line of skins based on what ifs
What if Garen was Noxian
What if Katarina was Demacian
What if Shen had used the forbidden shadow art (a fan has made artwork for this actually)
What if Mundo created the perfect formula (not retarded)
What if Zac was genetically unstable
What if the disaster of the Shadow Isles never happened (Kalista, Mordekaiser, Hecarim, Karthus, Thresh)
What if Victor was able to pull Jayce to the glorious evolution
What if Yasuo did not become an outlaw
What if Noxus had won the battle for Ionia (All Ionian champs)
And so on

I don't know about you, but I would prefer these Lore related skins to the (cool yet) random skins they create

Post your own Ideas for What if skins and let's see if we can convince Rito to pay more attention to Lore, both in skins and in more events like the fight between Ionia and Noxus