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[Champ Suggest] Silex - the crystal guard -- Support/Tank (ranged) - Reworked

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This is my new champion called Silex - the crystal guard:
He's very unique and revolves around his Q ability crystallization. This ability enables him to create pillars, which can be used in many ways. I think I've done quite a good job on making a great combination between a support and a ranged tank character, which is also something new, I at least haven't seen it so far. Well I wont hold you up any longer, now please check out my champion.

The numbers presented here are NOT final and require public feedback for proper balancing.
However please give constructive feedback.

Any suggestions what so ever, even for creating a whole different ability, different numbers, others names, they are welcome, certainly if they are constructive.

Furthermore I wanna give special thanks to SubjectSeven for his great help on this champion.

Base stats and Tags:
Health : 6 out of 10
Attacks : 3 out of 10
Spells : 8 out of 10
Difficulty : 8 out of 10

Ranged, support, tank, AP, stun, snare, heal

Health: X (+ X per lvl) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> lvl 18: X HP
Damage: X (+X per lvl) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> lvl 18: X dmg
Attack speed: 0.X (+ X% per lvl) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> lvl 18: X AS
Range: 575 range ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> lvl 18: 575 range
Armor: X (+X per lvl) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> lvl 18: X Arm
Magic Resist: X (+X per lvl) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> lvl 18: X MR
Health regen: X (+X per lvl) ~~~~~~~~> lvl 18: X HP/5
Mana regen: X (+X per lvl) ~~~~~~~~~~> lvl 18: X HP/5
Movement Speed: 315 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> lvl 18: 315 MS


Passive(innate), Crystalline Insight:
Allies within 1000 range, have their range increased by 8% for abilities.

Q Crystallization:
This skill has different uses, gaining those uses upon leveling it up.
This skill is a combination of a 'skillshot and area placement' or 'target-click', depending on it's use, when shooting at enemy or an emptyspace it's the first of the two.
Pillar are considered as impassable terrain and have 100/175/250/325/400 (+0.25 of your max health) health and 75% of your armor and mres.
normal use (lvl 1):
You shoot a beam to a target location where it crystallizes into a crystal pilar. this pillar lasts 6.5 seconds and the beam does 40/75/110/145/180 (+0.4 AP) magic damage.
Target an ally (lvl 3):
target an ally covering them in a crystal armor and granting them 20/30/40/50 bonus armor and MR (+0.1 AP), also spells cast by that ally will take 25% of the mana needed from Silex. This lasts 4 seconds and can only be applied to the same ally once every 12 seconds.
Target a friendly tower (lvl 5):
makes the tower receive 50% less damage and makes it shoot 2 projectiles at the same time, this lasts 2 (+0.5 for every 80 AP) (somewhere between 3 and 5) seconds. this can only be applied once every 20 (maybe 15 or 25) seconds

After every 3 casts this ability will have it's CD increased once by 8 seconds.

CD: 2 sec
Mana cost: 65 mana
Range: 600 (somewhere between 550 and 750)
Radius of the pillar: 125 range

W Shining light:
Taunt closest enemy per target for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds, targets are you and every pillar.
A pillar taunt is only 75% effective.

CD: 11 seconds
Mana cost: 65/70/75/80/85 mana
Range to pillar or you: 375 (somewhere between 300 and 600)

E energy links:
All allies who are close to crystal pillars get healed for 20/30/40/50/60 (+2% max HP) per second for 4 seconds.
Also an ally encased in crystal armor will be healed for 1.5 times amount per second for the duration of the armor (does not stack with pillar AoE heal).

CD: 19/18/17/16/15 sec
Mana cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana
Radius form center of pillar: 400 (250 range around the pillars)

R the grand finale:
All pillars explode doing 100/175/250 (+0.7 AP)magic damage per pillar and stunning closer by enemies for 1.25 seconds and snaring a bit further away enemies for the same duration. Stuns and snares of different pillars don't stack, damage of overlapping area of pillars does stack.

CD: 150/130/110 seconds
Mana cost: 100/150/200 mana
Range: global (note under normal conditions shouldn't be more than about 3000 range)
Radius of the stun: 325 range (200 around the pillars)
Radius of the snare: 325 - 500 range (200 - 375 around the pillars)

Explanation and notes of the abilities:
Imo great passive for a support/tank character.
Ofcourse you yourself do not gain this extra range.
Also quite unique i think haven't seen something similar so far.

This is you're bread and butter and what makes this champion so unique. This skill has so many purposes to block enemies escaping or chasing; to cancel channel spell ,that require enemies to stand still, if hit directly by the pillar because they are pushed aside; zoning enemies enemies; buffing an ally; giving vision in brushes and such; and much more.
All his skill revolve around the pillars and use them in some way.

It's meant to have a low CD for 4 casts and than have a decently longer CD, this enables you to create bigger obstacles for the enemy helping your team if done correctly.

-if a pillar is placed (partially) inside brushes it gives vision over those brushes
-can be used to interrupt enemy channels that require the enemy to stand still since the pillar pushes all enemies, allies and creatures aside to be formed in that place.

Note that this means you can taunt a maximum of 4 enemies if the conditions are perfect, however this is really hard to pull off.
If you taunt, the closest enemy to a target will be taunted, possible targets are you and pillars.
A few examples:

  • There are multiple enemies and you. Only the closest enemy will be taunted even if it is an minion.
  • There are multiple enemies and one pillar. Only the closest enemy will be taunted even if it is an minion, the taunt will only last 75% of the duration.
  • There is one pillar, you and an enemy. if the enemy is closer to you it will attack you for the full duration if it's closer to the pillar then only the pillar for 75% of the duration.
  • There are two pillars, one on the left and one on the right. There are also two enemies one in between the pillars and one on the left side of the left pillar. Now if the enemy in between is closer to the left pillar than the other enemy than only the enemy in between will be taunted. If the enemy on the left side of the pillar is closer to the left pillar than both will be taunted. (75% of the duration of course)
this is imo a big plus for any tank, especially in combination with the pillars this skill can be really usefull.

#Note: enemies taunted by pillars will first walk to the pillar and than start auto-attacking it.

This is one of the things that makes this champion capable of supporting pretty well.

Was considering to give it a passive to give the pillars some kind of extra damage by either an aura or shooting lasers between them (with maybe a slow/bleed/grievious wound), or maybe an helpfull aura for allies. But it would probably become OP with the ridicolous AoE CC he has on his active.
Also might decide to change the ranges a bit on this, don't really know, that depends if a lot of people find it to big or too small.


Upon selection:

Also at random times:

When casting ult:


casting Q:

casting W:

casting E

casting R:

Joke 1:
"I am the pillar of the community"

Looks of the champion itself:

Looks of the abilities:

Q: purple/blueish crystal pillars

W: pillars shine brightly

E: pillars turn greenish with an greenish aura


Story (WIP):

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reserved for updates

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