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Question about jungle rules

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last game i (unranked but approximately bronze league) played with a gold rene who went jungle. He never ganked top (i was quinn) and never ganked mid bcs lb one time didn't react to help him. Then he never gave blue to lb. After the game he wrote that:

Life Slips Away: YOU
Life Slips Away: DOn't get
Life Slips Away: ganks
rappus: so actually u began demotivation...
Life Slips Away: if you lsoe lane
Life Slips Away: Get it?
rappus: what a jungler is for?
rappus: may u can explain it
Life Slips Away: Never gank the losing lane.
rappus: right...
Life Slips Away: IT's the law of the jungle
Life Slips Away: Google it

(Life Slips Away was that rene, rappus is me)

So my question is whether that is true, that a jungler should never gank a losing lane?
I asked myself what the jungler then is for? Shall he only gank winning lanes? Because there he can only cause the losing of the lane... Or shall he just simply don't gank at all?

Looking forward for constructive feedback about the "law of the jungle".

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To start off I'm not the best jungler by a long way but have played a decent amount of jungle as I would consider it my second position next to mid lane.

In my experience and from what I have learnt from podcasts and forums/guides.
A jungler does need to constantly evaluate the lanes and make a decision whether or not they are worth ganking.

Jungle Rene does need to snowball quite abit to be effective, so in this particular game ganking losing lanes is not going to help him especially if the laner is not reacting to the gank. This could result in him dying and even a double kill if all goes wrong. Heavy Tank junglers are slightly different as their presence can zone a champion slightly and there is less chance of them dying.

As far as blue goes, was the lb dying alot?
If the answer is yes, then it's better that rene kept blue instead of giving it away to lb who dies and gives it to the enemy laner. (This is the junglers decision)
If the answer is no, I feel that rene was making a mistake. As a mid main, blue can really open a lot of oppurtunities in lane and win the game. (At the end of the day it's still the junglers choice and if he feels he will carry harder with blue than the mid laner then he can keep it.)

In conclusion,
"Never gank a losing lane" is not the law of the jungle. A successful gank on a losing lane could turn the game around. It all basically comes down to whether or not your jungler believes that a gank will go well in that lane or not.

I hope this helps!
GL & Hf =)