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Improve your chat restriction riot please

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Junior Member


Why do we get chat restricted for no reason, like seriously at least have the decency to look at the players chat history and his behaviour towards others players, because if you are blindly chat restricting people that is just unfair.
sure it's ridiculous to look at every single player but come on dude, it's quite annoying we you get chat restricted because someone reported you for negative attitude because they just felt like it.
I mean how is it fair to the player if their positive and someone is having a **** ass day and they report people because they just feel like it.
I mean for example myself(not trying to lick someone arse, but i find myself a good example for this)
In some of the past 20 games I have been actually honoured for good teamwork and friendly or whatever, and when I had one game where i left the game because my mouse was glitched and I could not play obviously because you can't play without a cursor on your screen I get immediately chat restricted.
So why do i get chat restricted, well it's quite obvious rito must think,yeah he is a flamer there is no any other possible explanation to it. They probably did not even look at the chat history of the game to look for the reason why left to really understand what happened

Sorry if this sound like aflame post or whatever, but it's really not I just get annoyed with being chat restricted for literally no reason, and sure it's impossible to get the chat restrictions perfect but at least for god sake have the decent to do a 10 minute chat analyse of the players history, or watch his last 33 matches how he behaves in chat and restrict him based of that dude.

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Lady Lothiriel

Senior Member


1. If you left a game for whatever reason, this is handled by another System (LeaverBuster) and will not get you chat restrictions.

2. The current CR system actually DOES look at your chat (all chats, pre- and postgame included) and automatically searches it for negativity. Only if something bad is found do you get restricted.